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Five Reasons Why Log Horizon’s Shiroe is Such an Admirable Protagonist

We all know Shiroe as a composed and soft-spoken character. And it seems as though the world of Log Horizon would not function as well without him. When the characters were first locked into the game, and chaos ensued, it was Shiroe’s quick thinking that brought real solution.

Let’s dive deeper into his character and what makes him such a fantastic protagonist!

He Remains Humble Despite His Skills

A very frustrating trope of the main character in anime shows is someone who is super dismissive of others’ perspectives. Shiroe is the opposite. He’s humble despite his skills, and he dislikes forcing his own viewpoints on those around him. He’s willing to listen to others and take others’ opinions into consideration, which indicates that he’s a good team player.

His Willingness To Adjust To His New Circumstances And New Allies

We know that Shiroe is quite a reserved character who’s more of a recluse. He’s wary of new people who have yet to earn his trust but it’s very endearing that despite this, he tries to go out of his way to bond and interact with other people.

This shows us his innate kind nature and makes him a character worthy to root for. He also strives to adjust and learn the rules of his new situation and forms alliances with others.

He’s Highly Motivated To Accomplish Goals

Shiroe rarely hesitates when it comes to figuring out what to do next to achieve his goals. He has very large goals in mind and he is incredibly driven to execute his plans in a manner that will make other people’s lives easier and lessen their problems, even if it means more difficulty for him.

He Is An Enchanter Who Provides Support For His Comrades 

There are various tropes in shonen anime shows about extremely powerful protagonists. But Shiroe’s character works so well because he subverts that trope. Though he’s an amazing player and quite successful in battle due to his great strategic mind, Shiroe plays as an Enchanter which is a support class in Log Horizon. This means he is usually not the person rushing first into battle, which allows other characters to also shine.

He Is Very Invested In Helping Other Players

Shiroe’s grounded ability to figure out when people are in trouble and need help is impressive. This is evident when he helped Touya and Minori, two of the beginning players in the game.

In fact, right before everyone got trapped in the Elder Tale, Shiroe was teaching them how to play the game. The Round Table was also created as an attempt to save them.

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