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Five Strongest Weapons In One Piece

Here is everything you need to know about the five strongest weapons in One Piece.


Nami is far from being the weakest member of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. Originally created by Usopp, this weapon allows Nami to manipulate the weather around her. From using it for everyday tasks like showers to summoning thunderclouds that can do serious damage. It can also create a mirage to make Nami invisible.

Nami is able to control the weather around her and take out groups of enemies. Nami is able to masterfully wield the Clima-Tact using her knowledge of meteorology and weather systems. She might not be strong like Sanji or Zoro, but Nami’s skill with this weapon makes her a very useful ally.

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Devil Fruit

The fruit that is responsible for giving a good chunk of One Piece characters their powers. These fruits can give users powers that range from controlling the elements to possibly being able to destroy the world.

Not only are these fruits able to grant power, but those abilities are also only effective if the user can use them properly. Many Devil Fruit users have been able to use their abilities to their maximum potential. Some scientists have even found a way to create artificial Devil Fruits.


The weapon that Edward Newgate/Whitebeard used for over 30 years. It’s a naginata weapon that’s part of the 12 Supreme Grade swords, the best weapons in the world. Combine this with Whitebeard’s skill and immense power, this is one of the strongest weapons in the One Piece series.

It’s a very durable weapon because Whitebeard would often use it in conjunction with his Devil Fruit powers. Considering that Whitebeard has had this weapon for decades, it shows no signs of wear and tear. After he dies, the weapon is placed on his grave, and still looks immaculate.


One of the strongest swords in the world of One Piece is wielded by the Dracule Mihawk. It is one of the highest-quality swords ever made. Combined with Mihawk’s swordsmanship, Yoru can cut through large structures from a galleon to a mountain of ice.

He can send powerful flying sword slashes through the air to great distances. With someone like Mihawk wielding it, Yoru has been able to withstand a lot of power being channeled through it.

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The Shusui is one of the 21 Great Swords that is the prized treasure of the country of Wano. It is the signature weapon of the legendary samurai, Shimotsuki Ryuma. Shusui is designed to amplify the wielder’s power to terrifying heights.

It is capable of dealing heavy blows and is extremely durable against strong attacks. Zoro was able to deflect Oars’ punch and defend against Neptune’s Trident. He was also able to cut a large galleon ship in half, beheaded a huge dragon in one slash, and take out a mountain-sized golem with strong slash attacks.

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