Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 5 Leaks and Preview!!

girlfriend girlfriend episode 5 leaks and preview

Here are the leaks for Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 5. The episode is titled “A Third Girlfriend!?”. It will air on July 31st.

In the previous episode, Saki admits she feels inferior to Nagisa and it annoys her that Naoya does everything without asking for anything in return.

Surprisingly, Nagisa agrees that Naoya does too much for them. Naoya realizes by taking all the responsibility, he is actually being selfish. Naoya passes out from his three days of accumulated exhaustion. Saki and Nagisa debate how exactly they will become equals and realize they both like gaming.

Nagisa is terrible at gaming and Saki feels better knowing there is something she is better at and they become friends.

During lunch in the gym storage, Rika Hoshizaki climbs in through the gym window. Naoya panics and accidentally admits everything. Rika teases him. Nagisa recognizes her as Milika, causing Rika to also panic.

As everyone now has secrets they do not want to reveal, they all agree to keep quiet. Realizing they are actually decent people despite their unusual relationship, Rika decides she wants to join them as Naoya’s third girlfriend.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 5 will cover:

  • Naoya rejects Rika even though he finds her attractive.
  • Naoya reasons that he doesn’t want to be with someone he doesn’t like. This causes Rika to feel insulted.
  • Rika believes that she is better than the other girls. However, Naoya is too serious even though he is two-timing.
  • Rika decides that even though she is rejected, she will continue to live with them. She ends up camping in their garden and promises to make Naoya fall for her.

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