Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6 Leaks and Preview!!

girlfriend girlfriend episode 6 preview and leaks

Here are the leaks for Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6. The episode is titled Tsun is Dere. It will air on August 7th.

In the previous episode, after Rika finds out about Naoya’s two-timing, she asks him to three-time. A confrontation takes place. Naoya says he cannot three-time because he is already two-timing. It’s already morally wrong.

As the trio leaves, Rika discovers they live together. She follows them and takes it upon herself to make Naoya fall for her. She starts camping in their garden.

Initially, she finds it really hard to survive. She instead starts streaming her workout session to keep warm. She gains a lot of views. The next day she orders items online to make camping more viable.

As days go by, Naoya is impressed by Rika’s resilience. The other two girls start doubting that he may end up three-timing.

They decide to convince him by joining him in the bath in swimsuits. As Rika sleeps in her tent she dreams about her channel.

Girlfriend Girlfriend Episode 6 will cover:

  • Rika still tries to prove that Naoya will fall for her. Even Naoya doubts himself.
  • The girls tell them that they will help Naoya. They decide to use brute force to get rid of Rika
  • During the tussle, Rika’s father arrives as he is worried. However, her father disapproves of his daughter’s MeTube channel.
  • Naoya defends Rika and says what she is doing is creative. Rika, however, starts developing feelings for him.

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