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GREATEST Moment Between Peter and Miles Morales

The original Spider-Man has always been there for the new Spider-Man, including once giving him some great advice.

The Spider-Verse comic and movie saw the team with the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales. They both came from entirely different backgrounds (and universes); they would always do the right thing and keep everyone above them. Peter is an excellent mentor when Miles needs it, so it’s no wonder he once gave him some great advice. Peter has always lived by the words “with great power comes great responsibility.” 

This phrase represents everything about Spider-Man and is the center of his personality. This is very personal to Peter, as his Uncle Ben first used this phrase (in Spider-Man vs. Wolverine [1987]) and in some stories. So, the fact that Spider-Man can share those words with Miles is a clear sign that he cares for and trusts his fellow Spidey. 

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The two different Spider-Men’s best moment features Uncle Ben’s words. In Spider-Man #2 by Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli, Miles helps a banged-up Avengers take down the evil demon Blackheart. After the destruction, Miles gains glory from Captain America and Iron Man. Anyway, the cops confront the new Spider-Man after the war, but Peter puts down their guns by saying, “He’s a Spider-Man,” and he needs to show them some respect. When Miles says thank you, Peter asks if he remembers what he said when he first met, and no, it is not “baby powder in the private area will reduce costume chafing.” Jokes aside, Miles ends up punishing Peter by referring to his Uncle Ben’s famous words.

However, Peter says, “there must also come great responsibility. No one gets that right.” The interaction is a tender moment between two Spider-Man. It represents a coming-out party as Spider-Man on Peter’s Earth. Peter clearly supports Miles. It’s sweet. 

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The two heroes’ relationship has been in bloom ever since Miles helped bring down Peter, and the Avengers defeat Blackheart. Peter has helped Miles navigate his life as a Spider-Man and has provided invaluable wisdom along the way. He’s a mentor to Miles, who’s lucky to have the original Spider-Man by his side.

Because as Uncle Ben says, “with great power comes great responsibility,” – especially when you’re Spider-Man.

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