Harry Potter Books Banned By Catholic School For Containing ‘Real’ Spells


Recent news state that a Catholic School banned Harry Potter books for having “real” spells in them.

Ever since they were released in 1997, Harry Potter has become one of the most popular books ever. Harry Potter even went on to become the best-selling book series in history.


Tennessee Catholic School Bans Harry Potter Books

Recently, a Tennessee based Catholic school banned the entire Harry Potter series from its library.


The students at St. Edward Catholic School will no longer be able to access the books in the revamped School library.

This was after Reverend Dan Redhill, the school pastor, declared that the Harry Potter series contains “actual curses and spells” that have the power to conjure evil spirits in the harrowed halls of the school.

Redhill’s Statement

According to Redhill, the books present magic as both good and evil, which is not exactly true, and instead is a deception made cleverly.


He also suggests that the spells and curses used in the books are actual spells and curses. These, if and when read by a human being could posit risk of conjuring up evil spirits into the presence of the person who reads the text.

Why The Ban?

Redhill decided to ban the books after he contacted several exorcists in the United States as well as at the Vatican, who confirmed his suspicions.

After officially banning the books from school, he let parents know that they were not banning the students from reading these books at home.


However, officials at school did urge parents to keep extra vigilance if they allow their children to read the series and guide them to understand this content through the teachings of their faith.

This is one of the many similar incidents that have occurred over the years, and as of now, Rowling has yet to make a comment on the ban.

Some Hypocrisy, Maybe?

When looked at from a different perspective, it is interesting to note that if Reehill is so certain that the books contain “real spells and curses,” then, he must have also read all of them, which means that even he is responsible for unleashing those so-called “evil spirits.”


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