Has The Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett Has Driven Us Down to ‘On the basis Of Sex’?


Thirty-eight days to the death of revolutionary justice of the US supreme court and the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett has driven us down the memory lane for a sneak peek at the legendary biopic of 2018, “On the basis of sex” starring Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer who exhibit fantastic chemistry as they drive us through the storyline as smoothly as possible.

Like a driving power to modern-day feminism, the infamous RBG carves out an empowered woman’s image. She brings forth how specific capabilities and entitlements can bring about the most significant challenges in a democracy’s history. The biopic doesn’t fail to amaze the audience with the sincere roles of a woman that it frames and the system’s failures that prevail in the biggest of democracies.

Amy Coney Barret

As she fights her way to claim her position as a lawyer in the highest judicial institution, she draws a fine line of distinction between what was taken for granted and what was rightfully awarded. The screenplay doesn’t fail to address the numerous stages of disruption in a system, and the harassment of women in fields meant to safeguard their individuality.

The film picks at various stages of her life where she stands up as a vital pillar to her husband, gives up her career as things go downhill. Zeal, to stand equal to the men of the same educational qualifications, kindled the fire in her to stand up to the moral conscience. The bleak reality that is evident in the movie questions every one of us watching to introspect if we’ve stood up to our absolute potentials or have we compromised to the restrictions of our society and lost our individuality.

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