Healer Girl Episode 3 Preview, Spoilers and Release Date!

Healer Girl Anime

In Healer Girl Episode 3, Sonia is acting all arrogant on account of her being an S-ranked healer. Kana’s performance is also due. How will she perform and will it be any good? Will we have a grand performance like in the last episode?

About Healer Girl

Studio 3Hz is producing an original Japanese anime television series called Healer Girl. Yasuhiro Irie directed the series, which was scripted by Noboru Kimura and featured Yukie Akiya’s character designs.

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Recap of Healer Girl Episode 2

Since Episode 3 has not been released yet, we can go over Episode 2 once. Kana delivered an amazing performance last week. However, she is still facing issues with key changes. There is a new girl who looks like Kana and could also be a healer but Sonia’s license is already there. 


Healer Girl Episode 3

Sonia believes that she should be an S-ranked healer instead of a C-ranked one because she believes that she is talented. However, she also calls Kana and the other students of Karasuma clinic her enemy. Ria-Sensei saved Sonia’s face when she was about to make a fool out of herself publicly. 

Healer Girl Episode 3

Ria gives a wonderful performance although we did not get an ensemble performance like in the last episode. Earlier in the episode, Reime got into an awkward position with Ria when she hugged him while she was sleeping. 


Healer Girl Episode 3

Preview and Spoilers

We can expect Healer Girl Episode 3 to develop the Kana-Sonia arc. Sonia’s arrogance might lead her to make a fool out of herself. We might also get a full-blown musical performance from them. Only time will tell. 

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Release Date of Healer Girl Episode 3

Healer Girl Episode 3 will be released on 18 April 2022.


Where to Watch Healer Girl

You can watch Healer Girl Episode 3 on Crunchyroll, the original Japanese dub with English subtitles.

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