Henry Cavill Movies Ranked According to Rotten Tomatoes

Even though Henry Cavill has made himself a firm place in Hollywood, there are times that the handsome actor chooses the worst role possible.

While he is undeniably handsome, he does, according to some, lack in the area of acting. But he has given his best performances, and you would be shocked to see the movies and roles ranked on top by Rotten Tomatoes.


Theseus – Immortals (50%)

Well, it looks like Cavill is better suited to play either superhero alien or mutant soldier of mythological gods.

This is his first-ever big cinematic movie, and even though it didn’t reach well, it is now considered one of the most underrated fantasy classics.


Randy James – Whatever Works (50%)

This outdated movie with outdated concepts didn’t do well at the box office, but Henry Cavill made a name for himself in the supporting role.

He was praised for his on-screen chemistry with Evan Rachel Wood.


Superman/Clark Kent – Man Of Steel (56%)

The role which shot Cavill to his worldwide stardom. Even though fans have different views about the movie until now, the film did shine where it had to and set up the stage for Cavill.

The success of the role because of Cavill made DC cast him for the remaining DC films, which had Superman in the cast.


Napoleon Solo – The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (67%)

Cavill brought out his British charm and smooth-talking dagger shooting eyes to play, sported the American accent, and won hearts.

The movie received positive reviews both from fans and critics.


Geralt Of Rivia – The Witcher (67%)

Geralt of rivia (Henry Cavill)

The role was tailor-made Cavill. Not only did Cavill get a huge thumbs up from his fans for this role, but he also got good reviews from critics.

The show is one of the biggest hits of Netflix. Season 2 is set to premiere within this year, and Cavill will return as Geralt of Rivia.


Charles Brandon – The Tudors (69%)

Even though it wasn’t commercially or critically successful as the other historical dramas from this cable TV, it did get Cavil to a mainstream audience and set him a platform.

Henry Cavill played a supporting but significant role as he made an appearance in every episode.


Humphrey – Stardust (76%)

Small but powerful role! Cavill wears a blond wig and has a mustache in this fantasy film; what else do you need to know before you run to watch the movie?

Well, Superman and Daredevil (Charlie Cox) come together in this movie also Cavill shares a flirtatious moment in the end with Robert De Niro. So, run!!!!


Stephen Colley – I Capture The Castle (79%)

To be frank, I can’t take my eyes off the young Cavill in this movie. Cavill played Stephen Colley’s role, the wealthy family’s handyman who is in love with their daughter.

He was just 20 when he played this role but made an impact in the hearts of fans.

Sherlock Holmes – Enola Holmes (91%)

Henry Cavill as Sherlock in Enola Holmes

One of the best performances by Cavill. It’s not easy to fill those shoes after seeing brilliant actors like Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch play the role.

But Cavill didn’t disappoint at all. He played a different version of Holmes but kept true to the character’s essence.


August Walker – Mission: Impossible – Fallout (97%)

Cavill not only pleased his fans the most with this role, but he also established that he could very well play the villain in a movie and make the hero look like nothing when compared to him.

He stole the spotlight a lot from Tom Cruise and made sure he put his mark deep.

If you look at it, it looks like Cavill performs well under pressure or when he knew he would be compared to others who either played the role before him or when he has strong co-stars.



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