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Here’s 4 Video Games That Were Adapted into Anime

What often happens when an anime achieved great success is that its name generates sequels, more seasons of the series or video games. However, there are few occasions in which the situation is reversed.

When a video game is very popular or tells a great story, it is certain that they get adapted into an anime. Still, there are some that have an admirable adaptation and others that do not, but we have found the four best video games that were transformed into animation.

  1. Devil May Cry

It is one of the most popular Capcom games, which was released in 2001. In 2007, it had its own anime. The story is full of action that, in addition, in 12 episodes the essence of the video game is very well transferred with combats with style.

  1. Fate/Stay Night

It was released for PC in 2004. And two years later, its first anime for the small screen arrived. In addition to its anime, it also featured manga, movies, and a fighting game.

  1. Street Fighter II V

First released in April 1995, this series was not afraid to make changes from the original game. The story, the plot, and the personality of some characters are far from what is known in the video game. There were 29 episodes that were not so successful to the point that in Japan it was cancelled.

  1. Sengoku Basara

It is a video game series that had its first edition in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and, in 2009 with 12 episodes, its first anime arrived. The story focuses on feudal Japan and features different heroes.

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