Here’s 7 Anime Series You Have to Watch If You’re A ‘Black Clover’ Fan

An anime series that has had the most impact in recent years is Black Clover, an adaptation of the manga created by Yuki Tabata. The show started in 2016 and was intended to have 13 episodes, but was later expanded to a larger number. In April 2020, it suspended its broadcast due to the Coronavirus pandemic and returned with its 133th episode.

Black Clover ended its 170th episode on March 30. But there’s good news for the fans—last weekend they confirmed that it will have a movie! So far no date or details about the film have been announced, and we know that you will miss the show, that is why we present you with this list of anime that you must see to make the wait more enjoyableCheck out these similar series!

  1. Nanatsu no Taizai

Year: 2017

Number of episodes: 24 and three OVAs

Plot:  The main plot is set in medieval times and follows the adventures of the squad of knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins and how they act as Britannia’s protectors from oppression as they seek redemption for sins that conferred their titles.

  1. Ao no Exorcist

Year: 2011

Number of episodes: 25

Plot:  The story centers on Rin Okumura, a fifteen-year-old teenager who along with his twin brother, Yukio, were raised in a church by Father Shiro Fujimoto, an exorcist. Rin wishes to become an exorcist like Shiro, in order to become stronger so that he can defeat Satan.

  1. Hunter x Hunter

Year: 2011

Number of episodes: 148

Plot:  The story stars Gon Freecss, a twelve-year-old boy who wants to find his father at all costs, so he decides to become a “hunter”, just like him, and somehow find his whereabouts.

  1. Bleach

Year: 2004

Number of episodes: 366

Plot:  The series follows the adventures of a teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old student who has the ability to interact with spirits. However, Ichigo inadvertently absorbs the powers almost completely, and manages to easily defeat the spirit.

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Year: 2009

Number of episodes: 64 and one OVA

Plot:  Alchemist brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt the forbidden technique of human transmutation to win back a loved one and suffer brutal consequences.

  1. Berserk

Year: 2016

Number of episodes: 25 and three movies

Plot:  Belonging to the epic fantasy genre, it is set in an inspired land with broad similarities to Europe in the High Middle Ages and Modern Ages. It tells the story of Guts, an orphan mercenary.

  1. Soul Eater

Year: 2008

Number of episodes: 51

Plot:  In the World of the Dead, high officials carry weapons called “Deadly Scythes”. These are achieved when the soul of a Scythe (created by a Specialist Technician) manages to eat 99 human souls and 1 witch soul. But life is not always easy, neither for Technicians nor for Scythes, and it can take work to become a “Deadly Scythe”.


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