Here’s A Summary Of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Incase You Can’t Step Out

Before we begin, a spoiler warning for the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home.


The movie Spider-Man: No Way Home continues on from the ending of Far From Home, with the reveal of Peter Parker as Spider-Man and public outcry against him from supporters of Mysterio. Peter and May are forced to move to a more secure home as Peter starts his senior year. Peter, Ned, and MJ want to go to MIT together, but their admissions are denied due to the surrounding controversy of Spider-Man, so Peter seeks out Doctor Strange to help him.

Doctor Strange offers up a spell to make the world forget Spider-Man’s identity, but Peter ruins the spell after requesting that May, Happy, Ned and MJ be allowed to keep their memory of him. After Peter finds out that he could have simply called, he seeks out on of the MIT staff.

His talk with her is interrupted when somebody shows up – Doctor Otto Octavius – who fights Spider-Man before expressing confusion about his identity. A brief cameo from the Green Goblin is also featured before Peter and Doc Oc are zapped back to Strange’s dungeon.

doctor octopus

Peter, with the help of his friends, is tasked with finding the other visitors from the multiverse. Doc Oc and The Lizard have already been captured, and Peter goes to bring back Electro and Sand-Man. The Green Goblin, now Norman Osbourne, willingly gives himself up.

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Strange plans to send them back, but is stopped by Peter after he learns that they all die at the hands of Spider-Man. Trapping Strange in the Mirror Dimension, and bringing back the spell and Strange’s ring, Peter decides to cure them all. He succeeds with Doc Oc, but is prevented by the Green Goblin, who ends up killing May.

As the villains go on a rampage, Ned and MJ are doing their own thing. After Ned wishes to see Peter, as he’s wearing Dr Strange’s ring, he opens a portal and out steps The Amazing Spider-Man , a.k.a Andrew Garfield, or Peter 3. This is followed on by the entrance of Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man (Peter 2).

All 3 Spider-Men unite in order to cure the villains and send them home. Peter 3 and Peter 1 (Tom Holland), are intrigued by Peter 2’s organic web-fluid. They first take out Sand-Man, then Electro, then the Lizard, then the Green Goblin.

During the fight, MJ falls off the construction and Peter 1 is too late to save her, but Peter 3 comes in to stop her from dying. Ned manages to free Strange from the Mirror Dimension and Peter 1 requests that he creates a spell that will make everyone forget Peter Parker, as everyone from every universe is spilling into theirs.

Peter says his final goodbyes and watches his enemies and fellow Spider’s disappear.

The Good

Even though Tom Holland was surrounded by other actors and superheroes, it didn’t feel like he was being overshadowed. With Iron Man, TH always seemed more like a secondary character in his own movie, but Strange didn’t feel like he was stepping out of line.

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The acknowledgment of the movies being canon was good as well. Obviously, TM and AG are known for playing Spider-Man, but Marvel could have cast new actors to play the villains.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Not going back on the final spell. As much as I would have loved for MJ and Ned to remember Spider-Man, I’m glad that Marvel made the decision to keep it permanent (for now, I get the feeling something will happen). But taking away the spell would have removed some of the impact it had, what with Peter choosing between his own happiness and the safety of the world.

Doctor Octavius was great, easily one of my favourite characters.

Andrew Garfield saving MJ – earlier on in the movie, he expressed regret over being unable to save Gwen, so this felt really good to see.

Daredevil cameo!

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The Bad

The villains were not great. Of course, that tends to be a common characteristic of Marvel movies, but in the case of Sand-Man and Electro, it felt especially severe. I think one of the problems was that you are kind of expected to have watched previous Spider-Man movies (and by that I mean the Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield ones), so if you don’t have any prior knowledge you don’t necessarily know their motives, backstory etc.

I also wish they’d gone deeper into Peter 2’s best friend. If I’m not mistaken, he was Harry Osbourne, and to have Peter 1 learn this would have been great given that he experienced something similar when he briefly dated Vulture’s daughter.

The Ugly

I wasn’t too bothered, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some fans make a controversy about the ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’ quote coming from May and not Ben.

Rating: 9.5/10

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