Here’s how National Anime Day was celebrated!


The national day of anime is not a date so widespread worldwide, but some people do take it very seriously and to celebrate it.

This celebration took place on April 15, and the fandoms were not the only one who remembered to commemorate it.

The national anime day seems to be quite relevant in the United States, since cities like Atlanta, Carolina, Orlando and Nashville usually have conventions on this date.

However, due to the pandemic, the celebration was a little different this year. But some companies dedicated to this industry did not miss the opportunity to greet their followers.


Through various publications on social networks, some manga and anime distributors published messages that we leave you below.

Amazon Prime Video had the support of an artist who dedicated themself to transforming the page’s followers into works with Japanese style, although only a lucky few could succeed.


Shonen Jump wished his followers a happy anime day and took the opportunity to ask them what their favorite Jojo‘s stand was.

The Bandai America account posted a video showing some of their products focused on various animated works and asked their fans how they would celebrate.

 Viz Media could not miss the celebration of anime day, and did a survey to find out which work had been the first that its fans saw.

It seems that this industry is already leaving behind the delays caused by Covid, and we hope that the situation will be kept under control so that it continues to function normally.

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