Here’s What Makes Wanda (Scarlet Witch) One of the Most Powerful Avengers

Ever since she first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff has quickly become a fan favorite. Marvel continues to introduce new superheroes with each film and series, but the character of Elizabeth Olson remains one of the most powerful Avengers. WandaVision further explores the untapped potential of the Scarlet Witch’s power.

Although Captain Marvel gained her power after discovering the Infinity Stone, Vandavizhn reveals that Wanda’s discovery of the Mind Stone gave her powers she didn’t know she had before. As the Crimson Witch, Wanda was born with the ability to use chaos magic. Wanda is not as physically strong as Thor, but her abilities surpass those of Avengers such as Captain America and Spider-Man. Here he makes him one of the most powerful revenge.

Avengers: Enam, Big Three – Thor, Iron Man and Captain America – fought with Thanos. When Captain America put up a good fight using Thor’s Mjølnir, the combined strength of the three Avengers proved insufficient. Wanda, on the other hand, not only stood up to Thanos, but forced him to launch an airstrike to avoid the battle.

The Mad Titan quickly realized that Wanda (and even then at full strength) was no match for him as powerful as he was. Thanos is known as one of the most powerful characters in the Infinity Saga of the MCU. Wanda has proven that she can defeat him as the only avenger and is easily counted among the most powerful avengers.

The Infinity Stones were powerful because each one controlled a different aspect of existence. While the Infinity Stones were atomized in the original MCU timeline, masters of the arcane arts, including Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange, still have the ability to manipulate reality. WandaVision actually shows more power when Wanda uses her Chaos magic to create a cell of reality.

Wanda’s Chaos magic takes over Westview, New Jersey and isolates the town and all its residents from the rest of the world. Grieving the loss of her sight, the Crimson Witch creates an alternate reality where she can live a peaceful dream life and forces the residents of Westview to participate. Everyone at Westview is a cast member of Wanda’s reality comedy show, and Wanda stars in a comedy she calls “WandaVision.”

Wanda can easily change the look of everything in Westview to match the changing seasons of her sitcom. The Scarlet Witch’s power is beyond the control of people’s minds. During her time at Westview, she rebuilt her life, reimagined the landscape, and gave birth to twin sons, Billy and Tommy. Visually, Billy and Tommy had free will and independent thinking with their superpowers.

The twins’ vision was limited to the hexagon, an energy field created by chaos magic that surrounded Westview. However, Vision, Billy, and Tommy behaved like sentient beings in the reality that Wanda created. Wanda also used protective runes on the curse to prevent the witch Agatha Harkness from using her magical powers.

At the beginning of the fourth stage, Wanda is untrained and begins to discover her powers. Since Doctor Strange is a master of the mystical arts and not officially an Avenger, Wanda is the only Avenger who can enter the astral dimension.

However, when Doctor Strange separates her astral form from her physical body, Wanda is able to maintain control of her physical body by manifesting her astral form. The finale of WandaVision shows Wanda having a cup of tea. Wanda realized that she was just beginning to scratch what she could.

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With Doctor Strange in the multiverse, the madness of Wanda’s abilities in Wandavision pales in comparison to what she did in the summer blockbuster. Everything he learned from Darkald is exposed in all its horror. Doctor Strange has long been considered the most powerful magic user, if not the greatest.

The balance of power actually changes when he enters Wanda’s garden, when she tricks him into believing that her lush orchids are real, even touching and smelling them, before discovering that they are actually in a field.

They stand in a terrible wasteland. Tricking Doctor Strange with magic was not easy, but what he did was even more shocking. The wizard fortress of Qamar Taj is filled with the most powerful users of the mystical arts in the world, many of them masters.

What should have been a one-sided battle in one of the world’s most impregnable fortresses turned into a massacre as Wanda almost effortlessly destroyed everyone who stood in her way of taking over Chavez’s America. After a few scenes, he single-handedly destroys some of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. In an act that was child’s play for the Scarlet Wizard, Illuminati members Black Bolt and Mister.

Fantastic killed the Earth-838 versions of Captain America and Captain Marvel seconds before their destruction. He completed his mass killing spree by killing Professor Xavier, arguably Marvel’s most powerful telepath.

The fact that he can easily take down Earth’s mightiest heroes makes him the strongest character in the MCU. Kong may be the Avengers’ enemy in the multiverse saga, but their greatest threat may be their own. If the Crimson Witch returns, it is unknown where her loyalties lie.

In the comics, he was a constant part of Marvel’s most compelling stories and their most shocking moments. Now that the character has reached true heights, only time will tell if he regains his humanity or remains a villain that the Avengers can’t even prepare for.

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