Here’s Why Fans Are Angry Over Naruto & Kawaki’s First Meeting

There are many things that Boruto anime did better than the manga, and now fans have something that they don’t like about Kawaki and Naruto’s long-awaited first meet.

Not That Warm?

The meeting of Naruto and Kawaki was nothing short of remarkable. But fans are complaining that the manga did it better than the anime.

Now, it is true that manga had brought Kawaki and Naruto face to face in a different way. But the anime method was nothing short of extraordinary.

What’s the Difference?

In the manga, Kawaki wakes up beside the Naruto gang and Boruto and then learns to adjust to life in the village. Naruto takes him home even in that.

The point here is, the manga part was very emotional as we saw Kawaki looking at everyday life, a life that he always wanted.

But he does make a run for it. He is chased down by Naruto’s clones, and he even says that Naruto may just be more powerful than Jigen.

Not The Hero

In the manga version, he is greeted by a sweet Naruto and is taken to his family; then, he sees the power he holds, the one on par with gods, and that makes Kawaki stand in awe.

But in the anime version, Kawaki is yet to see the other sides of Naruto. As of now, all he sees is that Naruto is also a bully like Jigen, who wants to do some experiments on him.

But the recent episode, 192, was a lot for many to handle. Most of us couldn’t see the entire episode. Kawaki’s tragic past was shown in whole angle this time, and his past just keeps getting worse.

All this time, people thought that Jigen brought Kawaki when he saw his dad abusing him and that Jigen saw some potential. But, we were wrong.

Jigen went in search of Kawaki and got him. I just wish that Kawaki had gone when the fish salesman asked him to come with him. That way, he could’ve had a happier life.

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