Hidden concepts in Princess Mononoke

Ghibli movies are always known for how they present a simple topic with so ease and aesthetics. It is no surprise that how the movies provide a soft warmth in them. The never-ending magical touch which can be called a ‘Ghibli touch’ makes the themes so beautiful. But we cannot leave to mention one of the most critical and commercial movies directed by Miyazaki ‘Princess Mononoke’. This top-grossing movie of the year 1997 can be called as one of the landmarks which increased Ghibli’s popularity and influence outside Japan.

However, the movie portrays the connection between human and environment. But there are some hidden concepts in the movie that may remain less known by people. Let’s dig into the secrets of Princess Mononoke

Women Empowerment 

As the title itself says ‘Princess’, Mononoke is a girl raised by wolves. The proof of her fearlessness is well depicted by her instincts to protect the forest and fight with all her might with anyone who tries to destroy the forest. Another instance can be found in Lady Eboshi’s character. The lady who wants to influence the world positively and is the leader of the iron town. Her character not only depicts how powerful her influence is but also how smart and business-minded she is. Not only Eboshi but the women in her town are frontline fighters and are also a bread earner along with the men.


The film centers on the adventures of Ashitaka who journeys to find a cure for the curse inflicted upon him by Nago, the boar turned into a demon by Eboshi. His right-hand gets affected with the curse in form of patches which will eventually spread to his whole body. The same curse affected some of Eboshi’s men. She is driven by her compassion towards the disabled and believes that the blood of the deer god of the forest will cure her men. With this concept in mind, Hayao Miyazaki explained that he was inspired to portray people living with leprosy.

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