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Honeymoonish – A Sweet and Quirky Romantic Comedy


Honeymoonish is delightful, with strong performances and beautiful settings. However, it follows a familiar formula by presenting a Kuwaiti twist on the enemies-to-lovers storyline. In this unconventional romantic comedy, the main characters begin with a marriage of convenience before gradually developing their romantic relationship.

Originally named Shahr Zii Aleasal, Honeymoonish is a contemporary romantic comedy directed by Lebanese filmmaker Elie Seeman. Set in the vibrant city of Dubai, the film follows newlyweds Noor and Hamad as they embark on their honeymoon, discovering along the way that they are complete opposites.

Plot of Honeymoonish

The central figures of our story are Noor and Hamad, the newlyweds whose honeymoon we’re focusing on. Hamad, a driven young man employed at his father’s company, faces a dilemma when his father demands he marry and conceive a child within a month, or risk losing his job and inheritance. In a desperate move, he enlists his friend Wael’s help to find a bride.

Enter Noor, a fitness instructor deeply in love with her boyfriend Youssef. When Youssef betrays her by marrying someone else, Noor seeks revenge by hastily marrying a man she barely knows, with the help of her friend Amal, who is married to Wael.

Despite their initial dislike for each other, Noor and Hamad proceed with the wedding. However, during their honeymoon, Noor is focused on confronting Youssef while Hamad tries to avoid consummating the marriage.

One unexpected issue arises after the wedding. Hamad gets a call from his aunt, who informs him that he might have to divorce his new wife. It turns out that when they were babies, Hamad’s mother may have breastfed Noor. According to Islamic law, this would make them milk siblings, and their marriage would be prohibited.

This issue later gets resolved, when Hamad’s aunt confirms that Noor and he are not milk-siblings and can keep their marriage as it is. The story revolves around how Hamad and Noor finally realize that even amidst this madness, they are indeed in love with each other and they work to resolve their differences together.

Where to Watch?

Honeymoonish provides insight into Kuwaiti culture, which might appear peculiar when seen from a Western perspective. The storyline revolves around the male lead’s father insisting on his marriage, which could raise some eyebrows. Similarly, the female lead’s decision to marry to seek revenge on her ex might seem a bit extreme to some. Despite these cultural differences, the movie presents a charming romantic comedy where two individuals come together due to circumstances beyond their control and gradually develop feelings for each other.

Honeymoonish is now officially streaming on Netflix.

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