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How did the baby die in House of the Dragon? Baelon Targaryen

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House of the Dragon kicks off its first episode in the usual tragic, intriguing manner, and we feel like we are back to watching Game of Thornes, wondering when our current favorite character might die.

Baelon Targaryen, the only true heir to the throne who didn’t see an additional day in his life, and named “Heir for a day” by his loving uncle Daemon Targaryen.

How did the baby die?

Now, even though King Viserys I had a right to save one life, what he actually chose, in the end, was killing his wife to produce an heir.

The overflowing blood in the scene is still in our minds, and it is impossible to watch that scene without putting it on mute.

Even with the great sacrifice the king Viserys chose to make, things didn’t end well for the new heir to the Iron Throne.

While we get to hear that the baby was indeed a boy, which makes Viserys happy a little since it made his dubious mind worthy of the sacrifice, things didn’t last.

The baby is even named “Baelon Targaryen,” and we see the baby crying and sounding well, but something goes wrong in the background that we get to know only when they have two corpses for the Dragon to burn at the Targaryen funeral.

This might result from the sudden immoral method used by the Grand Maester to cut open the Queen’s belly to save the child.

There were many things that could go wrong, and with what little facilities were available back then, there is a higher probability that the birthing method was the reason the baby did not survive.

We also get to know that the Queen has had many previous stillbirths and miscarriages, so there may be a chance that the baby was just there to give hope to Viserys for a very few seconds.

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