How Long Is The Black Widow Movie?

How Long Is The Black Widow Movie?

Black Widow film’s running time has been revealed, and apparently, it is longer than Marvel’s comedic hit, Thor Ragnarok.

How long will the Black Widow movie be?

Black Widow has had a stroke of bad luck and has been postponed many times due to the pandemic. Even though the current schedule seems to hold up, some country fans may not get to enjoy the theatre versions.

In countries like India, the pandemic is at its peak right now, and the theatres are closed, so fans of the subcontinent will have to stick to Disney Plus’ Hotstar.

According to an official listing by Marvel, Black Widow was set to run for 2 hours and 13 minutes back in January 2021.

How Long Is The Black Widow Movie?

Why has Black Widow’s running time changed?

As of now, some fans think it might be some extra credits or something that will be pertaining to countries other than the US.

But that’s not something we can completely back up. Marvel has changed a lot of things because of the pandemic, so there might be something to the extra one minute that was added.

Well, officially, the running time of the Black Widow movie is now 2 hours 14 minutes. This news was shared by a movie insider from India named Amit Chaudhari.

Has the plot of Black Widow been altered?

Well, pandemic sure did spoil a lot of things for the long-laid plans of Marvel. If the pandemic had not disrupted the world, the first project to release under phase 4 would’ve been Black Widow.

Instead of that, Marvel released, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and even Loki before bringing in Black Widow’s story.

This will definitely change at least something because Val, whom we saw in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the one trying to recruit John Walker, yeah, she was supposed to be introduced to the MCU through Black Widow, so we know there will be some minute changes.

Anyway, whatever we tell, just take it with a grain of salt because it is hard to predict nowadays.





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