Hugh Jackman In Talks For Another Marvel Role

Marvel fans are notoriously known for casting their own superheroes and signing petitions for the company to do so. Sometimes they get their way, and sometimes they don’t but realize later that the company knows best.

Is it the Return of Jackman?

Marvel fans are speculating that Hugh Jackman is returning back to the superhero world in the line of new castings, which made him a worldwide sensation. In a recent tweet from a verified account of Daniel Ritchman, fans saw that he had shared a screenshot of the casting sheet.

New Role offered?

In that screenshot was the offer made to Hugh Jackman on the 10th of September. Fans went gaga after seeing this tweet. Even though we don’t know how reliable this information is, we can’t just contain our excitement.

Alternate Universe

There have been rumors recently that Hugh Jackman might return as Wolverine in another alternate universe in ‘Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.’ Some fans also say that he will return as a member of the Avengers in ‘the Multiverse of Madness’ in an alternate universe.

Both these are totally plausible. Ever since Disney acquired Fox, we knew X-Men might start jumping into the Marvel movies. Now that the newly released Wakandan Files show that Wanda and Pietro are mutants, that just confirms that there will be a crossover very soon.

The New Avengers

As of Tom Cruise playing Iron Man, Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine, and some more exciting casting like that for new Avengers in an alternate universe in the Multiverse movie, we have no idea how far it’s true, but we know it’s definitely plausible.

The original Avengers in the comics actually had Wolverine as an OG member. Since Fox had the X-Men rights back then, Wolverine was not included in the Avengers franchise until now.

Hugh Jackman back at it

Fans also quickly noticed a tweet that mentioned that a person had seen Hugh Jackman hitting the LA gym and bulking up for a role, which leads us to believe that Jackman is coming back to the Superhero universe.

Even though we have no idea what role he will take up, fans don’t want the franchise to bring back Wolverine. They are okay with him coming back from an alternate universe but not bringing the dead Wolverine back. They feel that it won’t do justice to his character.

2020 Please Have Mercy

Some fans were also quick to speculate that Jackman might be the new Kraven The Hunter. No matter what we speculate, all we know is, we would love to see Hugh Jackman on the Superhero Universe once again, and it’s entirely up to Marvel to decide what to do and not us.


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