Deadpool and Wolverine: How does Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine differ?

Last time we saw Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, he looked like this:

The Aged, dying Wolverine is no longer a reckless animal but a wiser man with more calculated moves. This is a far cry from the Wolverine of earlier movies, who used his body however he liked because he knew he’d regenerate. In Logan, the healing factor’s slowed down, and everything’s in perspective—especially now that his friends are dead and Professor X suffers from severe dementia.

In Deadpool & Wolverine, we’re back to a younger Wolverine.

Clearly, we’re in for a more light-hearted rendition than Logan. After all, this is a Deadpool movie. We’ll see plenty of jokes and gags that will look completely different than the swan song some 7 years ago. The trailer hints at some serious elements, too—looks like this Wolverine hails from a world where he failed to save his friends—but expect a comedy.

We think that’ll be a great showing for Hugh Jackman. He’s got good comedic chops and with room for improv, rapport with Ryan Reynolds, and the expert comedic direction of Shawn Levy, we’re in for a treat.

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