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Hunter X Hunter: Most Devastating Deaths

Hunter X Hunter: Most Devastating Deaths

There are a lot of deaths in the anime, but some of them hit closer to home, as well as characters feeling crushed and heartbroken. Deaths in Hunter x Hunter are not for the faint of heart. They often surprise viewers and leave them reeling from the sudden loss of beloved heroes and antagonists as well as defenseless bystanders. Here’s everything you need to know about Hunter X Hunter Most Devastating Deaths.

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During the first Hunter exam, Ponzu was initially introduced to the Hunter x Hunter fandom. She then disappeared until her appearance in the Chimera Ant Arc, after which she gained some notoriety.

Upon learning of the chimera ant infestation, Ponzu sent her bees to locate the nearest Hunter with a potent aura. She was shot numerous times after she was already dead as she fled toward the border.


Gotoh, the Zoldyck family’s mysterious and threatening butler, was a devoted guardian of the illustrious family of assassins who placed a priority on personal safety. Despite his seemingly unfeeling demeanor, he treated Killua like a son and was a tremendous help to him.

Gotoh and Hisoka get into a battle after Hisoka is dispatched after Killua to recover Alluka during the 13th Chairman Election storyline. Gotoh succumbs to Hisoka’s attacks quickly, with little resistance.


Fans of the program have been deeply affected by the passing of Neferpitou. Neferpitou had proven to be an extremely dangerous foe for the show’s various protagonists. Thanks to her steadfast devotion to her master and her devastatingly potent talents.

The death of Neferpitou exposed how drastically different and bleak Gon had become. Gon’s usually sunny disposition had given way to something darker after Kite’s death. The brutality with which he killed Neferpitou was indicative of this.


When the charismatic leader of the Hunter Association died, it had a tremendous effect on the characters and the audience. Netero represented strength and hope for the show’s protagonists with his exceptional fighting skills and dogged perseverance.

When his fight with the monstrous Chimera Ant King finally ended, it sent shockwaves through the entire series and may never be repaired. Netero’s passing marked the end of a legend whose passing will forever alter the way viewers think about the show.

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Kite’s death in the series is especially tragic for a number of reasons due to the character’s pivotal position in Gon’s life. The tragic death of Kite serves as a driving force in Gon’s personal growth and establishes the series’ overall tone. Both Kite’s prominence in the series and the cruel, unrelenting nature of the circumstances preceding his death make them striking.

Kite’s murder is one of the most emotionally heartbreaking moments in for many reasons. It includes the unpredictable and powerful Neferpitou who killed him and the gruesome and frightening images.

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