Idris Elba Isn’t Convinced Thanos’ Fully Killed Heimdall

Avengers: Infinity War raised the stakes for fans around the world when it lived up to their expectations of the loss of major characters of the film franchise.

Heimdall’s Death:

One of the first casualties was Heimdall, who kept fighting till his very last breath so that the rest of the world, along with the Avengers could get a chance to fight against Thanos and his Black Order.

As a punishment for doing this, Thanos used the Asgardian to stab Heimdall in the heart. The Mad Titan then destroyed the ship that was supposedly carrying the rest of the refugees of Asgard.

If Idris Elba Is to Be Believed:

Although Heimdall’s fate had a sense of finality, actor Idris Elba isn’t fully convinced that the character fully died at the hands of Thanos.

He even stated in an interview that Heimdall’s character could possibly return to the MCU. This return could take place in the next installment of the series, which is titled “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Heimdall’s Possible Return:

Considering the fact that Heimdall is essentially a part of the god family, he could most probably be alive.

Additionally, he is one character that has gone through and faced a lot in the films throughout the years, which includes the war he fought against the Dark Elves, the way he guided the people of Asgard from Hela and how he was frozen by Frost Giants.

And since his character goes back into the time of the Thor mythology, it will be interesting to see how the makers will bring Heimdall’s character back to life.

While Marvel Studios clearly plan on bringing Vision back to life for their TV series called WandaVision on Disney Plus, it is still quite unclear as to how they would be doing it.

Regardless, if a character such as Vision, who had his mind ripped out, can come back to life, Heimdall could also possibly return from his intergalactic grave.

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