If Agnes is Agatha Harkness Then Who is Mephisto?

We did think we finally got the answers we have been looking for, but it seems like we have got enough questions as well.

Many things remain unanswered, and we would have to wait till next week to find out what is actually going on.

Spoilers Ahead!

You have been warned! A lot of theories are in the grind after Agnes turned out to be the ancient witch Agatha Harkness.

With a lot of explaining left to do, we know we will have a memorable two episodes with some Avengers joining the cast.

Well, as of now, we know Doctor Strange will be making an appearance.

Doctor Strange is back!


It was bound to happen anytime now, actually. With this incident happening only a few weeks after Endgame events, it would be mighty annoying for Strange to get back to work.

But with the arrival of someone as ancient and as powerful as Agatha Harkness, it is no wonder that Strange knew what is going on.

Pietro the Imposter


Now in this episode, from the start, all Darcy, Wanda, and Vision could be seen saying is that Pietro is an imposter.

Now how they came to that conclusion and where he went for the entire episode is not shown.

Fans have many questions in that area, and some may have been answered thanks to the post-credits scene.

First Post-Credits Scene


Now in all of seven episodes released by Disney Plus, no episode had a post-credits scene. This episode today was an exception, and it might have hinted at something far more significant.

We know that Agatha Harkness was the reason behind everything that has been happening. Now her basement looks nothing normal.

It looks like a secret altar or something more that keeps emitting purple energy or something Agatha in the last scene was seen using.

Purple Energy


With this new spell or something, all she had to do was a simple hand movement, and Wanda was under her spell.

Now the same goes for Monica Rambeau, who was caught by Pietro trying to snoop into the basement.

Monica, who was seen unlocking her powers in this episode, had a sudden change in her eyeball color which denoted that she is also now under Agatha’s spell.



Now the theory has been that Agatha has been doing all this for Mephisto. Fans have already found clues about Mephisto’s entry.

Now with the fact that Pietro is an imposter been stated clearly, many suggest that he is actually Mephisto and not Ralph, the so-called husband of Agnes.

There are chances that Mephisto is the actual Villain of this series, but the dilemma remains if it is the unseen Ralph or the imposter Pietro.

If it’s Pietro, then Monica is in a load of trouble as she just met him and is clearly under a spell.

It is up to Darcy and Vision to help them snap out of it and fight for the people of West View.

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