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10 Illustration That You Will Relate To If You Have Ever Fallen in Love.

It’s a shame that not every one of us is blessed enough to find our soulmate. This makes it even more valuable. If there’s someone out there who loves you, you should be grateful for the life you have. We bring you a few illustrations from Luong Thuy, who has inspired me to write this article ’10 Illustrations That You Will Relate To If You Have Ever Fallen in Love’. Luong Thuy is someone who shows love through her touching and funny comics.

1. Are you OK?

The infamous comic strip every lover has gone through. It’s sad and cherishable at the same time. Let us know if you have been through such a situation ever?

© beisme08 / Instagram

2. You are safe.

The comic strip will remind lovers of any time when they were in a crowded place scared to be lost, but then they find each other and feel safe. Sometimes a warm embrace is all it takes.

© beisme08 / Instagram

3. Hugs fill colour in our lives.

Hugs are almost essential to anyone who has fallen in love. Anyone who has felt the warmth of a good hug, nothing can beat that.

© beisme08 / Instagram

4. Sleepyhead.

The calmest place to sleep is with your loved ones. You feel safe and cosy. Something we all want our nights to be, peaceful.

© beisme08 / Instagram

5. Because we care.

Everyone who has ever loved has gone through this comic. We care for each other and want them to look perfect.

© beisme08 / Instagram

6. Annoying but sweet.

That annoying but sweet moment when you pull his pants.

© beisme08 / Instagram

7. He knows how to cool you down.

No matter what the day is, our loved ones always know a way to cool our anger down. Sometimes it is just a hug.

© beisme08 / Instagram

8. Rainy days.

I feel this comic strip has a deeper meaning inside. Sometimes you take the rain for your loved one’s comfort. Sometimes that’s all the comfort you need.

© beisme08 / Instagram

9. Simple wordplay of Love

Simple wordplay often makes the day.

© beisme08 / Instagram

10. That’s my T-shirt!

It’s a special feeling when your loved ones take your T-shirt for the smell of it. It’s just something so little but such sweet of a thing, every lover can relate to. Send it to your special one if this has happened to you.

© beisme08 / Instagram

It would be an honour for us if we made your day even a little better. I hope you like them. Beisme08 / Instagram made the illustrations. If these illustrations are relatable, do share them with your loved one. For more articles like this, do follow our page, The Fetcher.

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