Is Colman Domingo the MCU’s Next Big Bad?

In talking with ET, Colman Domingo admitted he’s aware of the Kang-related recast speculation. However, the 54-year-old actor confessed he “[doesn’t] know how much is true:”

“I don’t know, I’m always looking at what I have to do right now… I know there’s talk and conversations around, and I don’t know how much is true. I don’t even get that from my team, I can’t tell if it’s true or not.”

In addition to his filmography consisting of films like Selma, Zola, and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Colman Domingo is both a Broadway and television star, as well as a writer and director.

He even directed multiple episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, in which he also starred as Victor Strand.

Talk of the need for a new star like Domingo to play the Marvel Comics time-traveling tyrant first arose in March 2023 after Jonathan Majors was arrested for assault.

Majors’ role as Kang was intended to be the MCU’s new Thanos-level villain and a cornerstone of its current Multiverse Saga.

Once Jonathan Majors was found guilty in December, Marvel Studios fired the actor, leaving fans to question who the studio would recast or if a completely different villain was being considered.

But even though the Philadelphia-born Domingo cast doubt on the rumor’s validity, he’s appreciative of the fan base’s positive reaction, saying, “someone speaking lovingly and kindly about something is a beautiful thing:”

“The fans are passionate. Somehow my name is out there in the world [and] I like the idea of just having your name called and someone speaking lovingly and kindly about something is a beautiful thing.”

One instance of support came from She-Hulk star Ginger Gonzaga who expressed her own hopes for “these Colman Domingo as Kang rumors to be true:”

“Oh how I would love for these Coleman Domingo as Kang rumors to be true! And I hope the writing for him is dynamic as is he as a performer.”

Is Colman Domingo the MCU’s Next Big Bad?

Even if the Colman Domingo allegations are true, that doesn’t mean he’s Marvel Studios’ final choice for Kang.

In Daniel Richtman’s post, he alleged it’s “still early days” and Domingo “is one option that was brought up to replace Jonathan Majors,” suggesting there could be more:

“Still early days but I hear Colman Domingo is one option that was brought up to replace Jonathan Majors as Kang.”

But even so, Domingo’s response of “I don’t know how much is true” certainly wasn’t a definitive denial.

And the fact he’s enjoyed the positive response means he’s absolutely aware of the online buzz and not opposed to the idea.

As Marvel Studios looks to rework and retool its upcoming movies and Disney+ series, as well as plans for its integral villain, it’s tough to predict when a recast could be announced.

But in the meantime, and despite Domingo’s denial, he’s likely to remain part of the fan base’s speculation.

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