Is Demon Slayer Getting Another Stage Play?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is a highly popular anime that has earned lots of accolades and commendation for its engaging plot and visuals. The entire Demon Slayer franchise has expanded to include a film that has become the highest-grossing in 2020, light novels, games, art exhibitions, and plays.


The franchise keeps on releasing new content and kinds of stuff for its hungry fans. This time too, there’s some great news that will make fans extremely glad and excited! Demon Slayer will get another stage play released soon, the details of which we’ll be giving you here.

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Read further down below to get all those great details about the Kimetsu No Yaiba Second Stage Play.

Release Date of Kimetsu No Yaiba Second Stage Play 

The second stage play is aptly called Butai Kimetsu No Yaiba Sono Ni: Kizuna, which is roughly translated as Stage Play Kimetsu No Yaiba Part 2: Blood). This stage play is going to make its debut in the theatres across the length and breadth of Japan in August 2021.


The organizers released all these details on their website. They also put up a tentative schedule of the locations and dates for the stage play’s release. The play will be making its first debut at Tokyo’s Galaxy Theatre from August 7 for a week.

This will be followed by a debut at Osaka’s Umeda Arts Theatre Main Hall from August 20 till the 22nd. However, on a sad note, they haven’t released details about where to book tickets. This will probably be released at a later date.


Also, other news about the cast and the staff is available on the website. Apparently, there has been the addition of some new cast in the Kimetsu No Yaiba Second Stage Play. 

Will COVID-19 Precautions Be Followed?

Yes, they’ll be following these precautions like social distancing and wearing masks judiciously. Also, the audience should be steadfast and obedient in following the required protocol. 

Plot of Kimetsu No Yaiba Second Stage Play

Its plot will follow the events of the Natagumo Mountain Arc. This arc promises to be exciting and will be filled with lots of amazing encounters, which mean great fight sequences!


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