Is Luffy the Mysterious Eye-patch Character? One Piece Theory!

All of us avid One Piece fans know that Kaido has increasingly been commenting on Luffy’s eyes during this arc, especially his gaze. This is super evident in specific moments of the series, for instance, when he knocked Luffy out in Chapter 924 and remarked, “He’s been glaring at me for a while now” and also back in Chapter 1008, when he made that comment during their fight that the light never leaves Luffy eyes.

Let’s also talk about Chapter 1028. Here, we see Yamato remarking that Kaido is increasingly weakening. Luffy has come back for seconds. And what happens when exhaustion strikes during a fight? You get frustrated, angry and especially reckless. In order to put an end to the fight, we can’t put it past Kaido’s character to go for an attempt to kill. We’ve already witnessed him do this with Orochi and Kinemon.

So the major overarching theory in this article is that Luffy will probably suffer a serious injury in the next few chapters. Specifically, his eye. Because otherwise, why would Oda put so much emphasis on Luffy’s eyes? Seems like a case of foreshadowing to us.

Now, we all know that for years, there have been so many theories about Luffy losing his eye which will make Luffy the mysterious eye-patch character. Even Oda himself revealed in an interview that, “in the final scenes of One Piece there is one pirate who appears with an eye patch”.

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Yes, some fans might think that it’s too soon for Luffy to get an eye patch now. However, it’s safe to say Oda has been giving us some hints. Our first hint is the Mary’s. Kaido’s ‘eyes’ on Onigishima. So when the Straw Hats destroy the eyes, it’s essentially making Kaido ‘blind’. And if we were to make a guess on what this would lead to, it’s best to remember that phrase: ‘an eye for an eye’.

Another hint is that Onigashima itself is recently seen with a crack in one of the eye holes, the same one where Luffy’s scar lies beneath on his own face.

This is a fun little theory some portion of the fandom has made speculations on. So, of course it could very well be that the mysterious eye-patch character is not Luffy but someone else. It could be Blackbeard according to some fan theories. Shanks will be defeated and Blackbeard will lose an eye and a leg but other fans have also been opposed to this theory as Shanks’s death would be a huge cliche.

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On another note, some fans also believe that it may be Zoro since the man has already lost one of his eyes and his original character design was drawn with an eye-patch by Oda. Either way, it shall all be revealed in time. Meanwhile, it’s a blast to delve into all these fan discussions while we wait for Chapter 1030 to hit this Sunday. Stay tuned!

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