Is Shanks In Wano? One Piece Chapter 1054 Leaks!

One Piece Manga returns after a one-month hiatus and Chapter 1054 has the world tumbling already. If you want to avoid spoilers, we suggest you refrain from reading hereon.

Having the red hair pirates land in Wano is something we consider a triple threat. While the people of Wano have been celebrating the victory over Kaido and his people, there is a war brewing outside the shore in chapter 1054.

Will Shanks fight Luffy now?

Well, we know one thing about Shanks and Garp, which is that they are proud of how Luffy has grown up. While Shanks smile in Chapter 1054 in manga proves that, we know deep down Garp feels the same.

Now that two strong Yonkō have been defeated, we can rest assured know that Luffy and everyone are drained and definitely need recuperation.

But things are not that simple. In the latest leak about the upcoming Chapter 1054 that is set to release this Sunday, July 24th, we could see Shanks on the shores with his red hair pirates group chilling on the deck.

While we have thousands of theories as to what is about to happen, we know one thing is for sure and that is, that Shanks is an honourable man and he won’t fight the straw hats while they are this exhausted.

Why is Shanks in Wano?

Well, given the fact that an Admiral is also on his way to take out the Straw Hats, Shanks being in Wano is a gift if you ask us.

Shanks’ Jolly Roger burnt!

One strong theory is that Shanks is there to kill Bartolomeo because a scan from the Manga page reveals him setting Red Hair Pirate’s Jolly Roger on fire.

We have no idea if he will be spared by Shanks, but the Green bull is on his way to take out Luffy and the Akazaya Nine along with Yamoto are seen stopping the admiral already. A little help from Shanks won’t hurt though.


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