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Is Spider-Man in Madame Web?

Peter Parker does make an appearance at the end of Madame Web, but probably not in the way audiences are expecting.

Emma Roberts plays a pregnant Mary Parker, the mother of Peter. Her husband (Richard) is out of town during the events of the movie and Adam Scott’s iteration of Uncle Ben Parker is who has to rush Mary to the hospital when her water breaks.

While Peter’s name is never revealed, earlier in the movie the name is teased during an uncomfortable baby shower scene, and the baby does appear by the end of the movie.

Madame Web, based in 2003, seems to take place in an alternate reality to the events of the MCU or SSU (Venom and Morbius). This universe focuses more closely on the origins of the Spider-People, with Ezekiel being an evil version of Spider-Man without web-slingers, and the future Spider-Women heroes.

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