Is Taika Waititi Married? Who Are His Kids?

Taika Waititi

There are so many questions people all of a sudden have about Taika Waititi, and the eagle-eyed fans are rushing to bring in every info they could.

Was the Threesome of Taika Waititi Staged?

Well, some fans think the whole thing was just staged by the clearly drunk stars to mess with fans and mess with the paparazzi.

Some fans also say that Marvel is very strict on its rules that getting into a scandal or something like this while having an ongoing contract with them could be a big no-no!

Marvel has a zero-tolerance policy, and this is crossing a line, but fans have actually taken it way better than many expected, so we don’t think they will be in serious trouble.

Here’s why fans think Taika Waititi’s Threesome was not staged.

Well, for starters, why would both Tessa Thompson and Taika Waititi risk their relationship with Marvel just to mess with the media?

So, there are many chances that it wasn’t staged because no one would consciously go and lose their high-paying job for messing with some paparazzi.

Also, actors are very careful with maintaining their image. Even though many think it’s cool to be in a three-way, they are still a new thing for many countries with different beliefs.

We do love that the internet is getting better and not pulling people through the mud because they don’t agree with something, so, Go Internet!

Is Taika Waititi still married?

Those people who searched this question on the internet today might have been in a big shock because the wiki page has not updated the separation between Taika Waititi and Chelsea Winstanley, who have been married since 2011.

So, yes, officially, Taika Waititi is still married to Chelsea, but unofficially they have separated, and that may have happened back in 2020 itself.

One month ago, it became official that Taika and Rita Ora were dating, and now, with the pictures of the steamy kisses, fans think they are in an open relationship.

Who are Taika Waititi’s kids?

Well, whoever they are, please don’t show them these pictures, that would end up getting them to go to therapy for years.

Taika Waititi has two kids with Chelsea, who produced Waititi’s Oscar-winning film, Jojo Rabbit. Waititi actually takes his kids to shoots, and he was even recently seen with them on the sets of Thor: Love And Thunder.

Te Hinekāhu and Matewa Kiritapu are the two daughters of Taika Waititi and Chelsea. The first one was born in 2012, just one year after their marriage, and the second one was born in 2015.







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