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Is Thanos Related To The Eternals? Marvel Has Officially Confirmed!

Is Thanos Related To The Eternals? Marvel Has Officially Confirmed

Marvel bred and built everything around Thanos for the first three-phase of the MCU. Now that it does not have its new mega villain, we may still get some surprising visits from the old.

Is Marvel done with Thanos?

Well, fans are definitely done with him because he is the reason fans lost Tony and Nat. But the introduction of Eternals may bring up some ancient skeletons, and fans might get answers to some most asked questions.

Thanos might appear in Eternals because he is of their species, and also, the trailer pointed out that the Eternals are aware of Thanos’ doing.

They will either show a flashback with him or a picture of him somewhere during the briefing or at least mention him just to piss of Thena.

image: Thanos| Avengers Infinity War

Is Thanos an Eternal?

Yes, Thanos is an Eternal, but he is not a pure breed. Well, to be clear, Thanos is a Deviant. What is a Deviant, you ask? Well, when two Eternals mate, they either give birth to another pure Eternal or a Deviant like Thanos.

The Deviants are pure evils and have the same powers as the Eternals. Thanos’ purple-colored skin is a result of him being a Deviant.

Are Thanos and Thena Cousins?

Angelina Jolie will play the role of Thena in the film, and from what we saw, she is just extraordinary in the role.

Yes, Thanos and Thena are first cousins. Eternals were first created by Celestials, basically god-like beings.

One among the first created Eternal is Kronos. Now, Kronos has two sons, Zuras and A’Lars. Zuras marries an Eternal and has a daughter called Thena, and A’Lars married another Eternal and gave birth to the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Angelina Jolie in Eternals

Are the Eternals from Titan?

We knew Thanos was from Titan. It’s the same in the comics and the MCU. But the difference was that MCU’s Titan had been destroyed, and Thanos was believed to be the last of his race.

According to the comics, Eternals, along with Thanos, were also from Titan. So, that ties up the connection right there.

In the MCU, we have heard that he is from Titan and an MCU-canon Marvel’s Avengers Station exhibit pointed out the same. But we have more.

Many thought that the story about Eternals’ creation or their home planet might be different in the MCU.

But a Twitter user brought a listing on Amazon to fans’ attention, which confirms that MCU will also bring the origin story of Eternals from Titan.

Which kinda establishes the fact that Thanos and Eternals are related.


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