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Is The Dragon From Ten Rings Compound The Same As The One That Saved Shang-Chi?

Is The Dragon From Ten Rings Compound The Same As The One That Saved Shang-Chi?

We are still not aware of how powerful the pendants that Wenmu got from his kids are. Unfortunately, all we saw was a Dragon showing water circus for a while, and it went down, but clearly, that wasn’t the only thing.

All we knew at first was that the pendant on both Shang Chi and Xialing’s neck had some importance to the Ten Rings organization. But it, later on, led us to show something wonderful that Katy was just awestruck.

Now, if you look further, we see that the only person who was ever strong enough to stop the Ten Rings was Ta Lo’s guardian of that time, Ying Li.

Now, when Shang Chi goes head-on with his father for the first time in Ta Lo, he loses the fight, but he ends up in the water, and after a series of events, he comes out of it on a Dragon.

This Dragon saved them some soldiers and helped them keep the fight midair and injure the soul-sucking creature.

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But when you look at it, even the village people were a lit bit surprised to see it out and about. Of course, we are not still aware of how things work in this dimension but, there are chances that the Dragon was a part of the guardian Ying Li.

The Dragon looked a lot like the one in the compound, and it did protect the kids of Ying Li till the very last.

So, there are chances that it was the one who fought with her when others tried invading Ta Lo.

But we are not sure if it could come out of the dimension. If it can, it could be of great help to Shang-Chi and the Avengers because right now, they have a big war brewing, and they will need all the help they can get.

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