Is Yennefer Powerful Than Geralt?

This question would’ve had a different answer if we had just watched the series until episode 7.

8th episode took it to a whole new level, and we fans knew then the answer to this question we had in mind was so wrong all along.

To Surpass them all…..

In the series from the start, the showrunners had us hooked to the seat and made us witness the powers and journey of three lead characters. While we saw two of them and the extent of their abilities, we are yet to see Ciri’s full potential.

If she is anything like the books, then she will surpass Yennefer and Geralt in no time. The only trick for her is that she needs to learn to control those powers, or else she and those around might be in big trouble.

Not so powerful, huh?

Now, answering the question, Geralt, all along from the start has been the macho, unbothered, and ‘nothing can scare me’ monster hunter. No monster can scare him, and there is no battle he will not step in (unless it’s against his moral code).

We saw his powers as a monster hunter, and his mutant powers kick in every time he needs it and saw him having some pocket magic tricks. Now that we know what Yennefer can do, all that Geralt did looks silly in comparison.

Not the poor old Yennefer

Geralt is powerful when it comes to monsters and combat, but his powers stand weak before Yennefer’s chaos. Yennefer might have had a very simple start in the series, her scenes made us feel the pain she went through every time, but we never thought she would be a powerful one.

She far surpassed her mentor Tissaia and so many other mages. She may not be the most powerful person in the series as it’s too early to make that prediction, but we know that Yennefer beats Geralt to it.

The creator is powerful

Even though we saw significantly less of what Yennefer can do and is capable of, we can say with just the episode 8 battle that she is in a league of her own. On the other hand, Geralt is fearless, the best soldier in combat, and can slay any monster and many more but needs his portion to be unharmed. Without the portion, as we saw in the series’ final scenes, he is prone to attacks.

Well, after all, the mages were the ones that created the mutants, so they are supposedly more potent than the Witchers. However, Geralt can beat them all any time he feels like, but Yennefer is a different category than others and even he should know not to mess with her.


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