J.K Simmons Could Be Back For More in Spider-Man 4

Tom Holland as Spider Man


A Spider-Man 4 from Marvel Studios may still be way out, but it is supposedly in early stages of development. Spider-Man: No Way Home, on the other hand, continues its record-breaking run in theaters with a new cut of the film on the way. The Spidey threequel breached the Multiversal barrier by including past Spider-Man actors; it even brought back J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson.

J.K Simmons has now played the famed Marvel media mogul in five films, having appeared in Far From Home and the three Raimi Spider-Man films. Many agree the veteran actor is synonymous with the character at this point, cementing himself as an icon in the comic book movie world.

Now, the question as to whether Simmons will return alongside Holland in another Spidey adventure has been asked, and the JJJ actor supposedly has a couple more appearances on the book, but nothing has even been hinted at. That is, until now…

J.K Simmons in Spider-Man 4

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J.K Simmons Could Be Back For More

According to Spider-Man: No Way Home actor J.K. Simmons, he “thinks” his J. Jonah Jameson character will be back for more MCU projects in the future.

When prodded about his character returning for a potential MCU Spider-Man 4, the actor responded by saying he has his “Fingers crossed” and “[thinks he’s] gonna be in more:”

Host Pete Hammond: “…It’s so interesting, the way he (J. Jonah Jameson) pops in [to Spider-Man: No Way Home]. Yout gotta have him, I don’t know why you weren’t in the other two, you should’ve been!”

J.K. Simmons: “Hey, I think I’m gonna be in more, so… Fingers crossed.”

J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man 4

If and when Marvel Studios makes a Spider-Man 4, J.K. Simmons will be in it. It feels like at this point, if he wants to be back, the MCU would be happy to have him. But if the veteran actor is going to come back, it will be interesting to see what the team has him doing.

jk-simmons in Spider Man 4

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At this point in the Tom Holland Spidey story, this version of Peter is just starting to enter the point in his life where fans first saw Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s wall-crawlers. So, if Marvel Studios were to continue down the typical Spider-Man path, this would be where Peter would end up working under the famed J. Jonah Jameson.

But would that be the case in the MCU as well? Most of the time, JJJ is the big boss of the Daily Bugle newspaper, which works as the perfect place for Peter to practice his photo-taking skills. But seeing as this version of the Daily Planet has gone digital and is this new online news show, would that same part-time photographer role even make sense? It actually might!

Fans have already seen that this Jameson still has the same insatiable thirst for pics of New York’s webhead, so Peter could still get tied up with the over-the-top journalist. Either way, if J.K. Simmons is back, it would be particularly cool to see his character become even more engrained in Peter’s life.

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