Japanese Spider-Man Confirmed for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sequel

The Japanese Spider-Man:

We all know about the Japanese Spider-Man.

He first appeared as a live-action incarnation of our favorite neighborhood superhero in 1978. And now, after many years of wait, we will finally get to see him again. Recent reports suggest that the  Spider-Man will appear in Into The Spider-Verse 2.

Furthermore, this news is also confirmed by producer Phil Lord. The producer made a tweet about it.

Phil Lord’s Tweet on Japanese Spider-man:

A Spider-Man fan asked Lord something about Spider-Verse 2. The fan first asks if the movie contains the Japanese Spider-Man. Then, he wonders if he can help design the character for the movie. Subsequently, as a simple response, Lord replies to the fan stating that the character has already been designed.


The Japanese Spider-Man:

The Japanese Spider-Man premiered in 1978. Furthermore, we know that the character was running for 41 episodes, up until early 1979. Toei, a company making Japanese animated classics such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and Digimon produced it.

The series has a lot of similarities in regards to the Spider-Man iconography, in addition to major plot differences. The hero in the series is the motorcycle racer, Takuya Yamashiro. He witnesses the crash of a UFO called the Marveller.

Subsequently, he ends up gaining the spider powers from the last survivor of the UFO. He also gets a bracelet that can transform the Marveller into a giant robot. This robot then helps Spider-Man defend the Earth from a villain. This villain is Professor Monster, who wants to destroy the Earth with his evil army.

Other Details of  Japanese spider man:

Sony recently confirmed that Spider-Verse 2 would actually release. Furthermore, the release date is that of April 8th, 2022. Moreover, Tony Vinciquerra, the chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, has also said that the studio has a seven-year plan for its Spider-Man properties.

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