Jaws of the Jaguar: Onyx Equinox Episode 2

The much-awaited American anime series produced by Sofia Alexander of Power Puff Girl’s fame has released its second episode.

First Gate of the Underworld

The second episode aired in Japan on Saturday and is streaming on Crunchyroll ever since. In the second episode, Jaws of the Jaguar, we saw Izel, the series’s hero, finally close one of the underworld’s five gates.

Spoilers Ahead!

If you haven’t watched the second episode, then do not cross this point. This article is filled with spoilers.

Wondering how the boy who couldn’t even tackle his village bullies did it? Same here! After his sister’s death, Izel decides to jump in the same sacrificial river and die, but Yaotl, the beast summoned by Tezcatlipoca, pulls him out of the river.

Even though Izel wants to jump back and die and doesn’t want to live in a world without his sister, Yaotl doesn’t allow him to as he is humanity’s champion, selected by the Gods.

Unknown Trap 

After a series of attempts and Yaotl scaring the hell out of Izel, he is met with the task of closing the first gate. While Izel refuses to do so, he unknowingly falls into the trap and fights the guardian of the first gate, a giant monster in the shape of a massive spider.

While it’s only intent is to kill, Izel somehow outruns him with fear of death. The funny part here is the boy who so badly wanted to die just a few seconds back is now running for his life, trying to stay alive.

Deal with the beast1

Finally, he agrees to carry on the mission because he doesn’t have any choice, but makes a deal with the Jaguar, saying that the Gods should bring his sister back to life if he does this. While the beast says it is possible, there is also a little disclaimer that comes with the line, “If they wish, they can do anything.

The problem here is these Gods let it be the underworld ones or the ones betting now; none of them are even remotely kind-hearted. It’s just the case of lesser of two evils we have here, so there are chances that they are unwilling to resurrect Izel’s sister.

Outcast of the village

Anyway, our boy did refuse and run after he closed the first gate, but his eyes have turned green by now, and the villagers think he is cured and drive him out of the village. A wounded Izel runs again and finally bumps into Yaotl. Obviously, he is waiting there.

They make the deal and move forward to pursue their goal. While Yaotl is already fed up with the Gods, he doesn’t look like he is very fond of the Gods either. He calls himself cursed and that this is sort of some punishment for him and Izel.

So, probably there is a chance that Yaotl grows fond of Izel and will strive to get what Izel wants the most, his sister.

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