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Jilted Anime Lover Hired Hitman To Murder Woman

TW: Violence and Murder

Everyone has had some experience with people who are terrible at taking rejection. Some of them cry in front of you or beg you never to leave them. However, netizens were shocked to hear of one such incident where the outcome was murder because of resentment. 

A 24-Year-old man, a resident of Beverly Hills, tried to hire a hitman to murder a woman. The reasons for him taking up this step were because the woman had rejected him earlier.

Police and FBI Agents arrested the White-American man on the 21st of May 2021 on federal charges of attempting to murder.

It’s a long story and we’ll unpack the tiny little details for you. 

The story of their encounter goes back to when she met the man named Berkett in a fan-gathering for an anime program. This program was held for fans of a certain anime and they quickly hit it off and became close friends.

They became so close that the woman even visited Los Angeles to meet him in October 2020. The victim became put off and felt unsafe after Berkett became sexually aggressive and crossed boundaries during their meeting. Anime

That’s why the victim decided to break off the relationship after she left LA for home. However, her rejection served only to worsen his aggressive and dangerous behavior against her and he began to harass her online.

He harassed her online for many months, after which she went to a trusted family member for help and solace. The family member called Berkett up and sternly told him to leave her alone. Though the defendant agreed to leave her alone, he merely focussed his invalid rage on a more malicious and diabolic plan.

Berkett then went to a website that was advertising murder-for-hire services, but fortunately, it became a scam. But he still believed it to be a genuine one and his intentions were still destructive. 

Berkett sincerely thought he was communicating with a hitman. Allegedly, he even transferred around 13000 US Dollars as Bitcoin payments to solidify the deal.

The criminal complaint mentioned all these details. This case was very disturbing and should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone. Anime fans should note this case in their minds. 

The creepy anime lover case is still going on. However, if he’s convicted of the crime, he’ll be in jail for at least a decade. Stay safe, peeps!


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