‘Joker’ Deleted Scene Gives Us The Spoiler We Needed To Understand The Controversial Ending

The Success Of Joker Movie Explained:

This article has the controversial ending of the Joker Movie Explained. Joker hit theatres this year and was immediately a massive hit. It is also one of the only blockbuster superhero movies with no superheroes or special effects in it. The biggest reason for the success of the film is its ending. In addition to the acting of Arthur Fleck Joker, the controversial ending of the film deserves the credit.

The Deleted Scene Of Joker:

Recent reports suggest that there is an important deleted scene from the movie. Moreover, it might clear up one of the biggest mysteries of the film’s plot. It is also the only spoiler we need to understand the controversial ending of Joker.

There are many ways how the ending of Joker Movie is Explained. There are also many ways in which we could look at this movie. One such could be that the film is one of the multiple-choice stories. This is where none of the incidents actually happen. Additionally, you could also say that Arthur Fleck aka Joker just cooks up a story. And in that case, everything is a joke, including the movie. Moreover, this way, Fleck might not even be the Joker after all.

Fan Theories And Speculations:

Fans regularly come up with many interesting theories about the ending. While some feel that Fleck makes everything up, others say that he’s Gotham’s real villain. However, many others also believe that he may have imagined that version of the past. And thus, he uses that particular version to confuse people who try to diagnose and subsequently treat him.

Ultimately, this brings us to director Todd Phillips’ latest revelations about the film. And with these revelations, we could possibly have the ending of the Joker Movie Explained.

Discussion Of Scenes Of The Joker Movie Explained By Todd Phillips:

At some point in the film, we learn one of Arthur’s biggest imaginations. We find out that Arthur Fleck Joker has imagined an entire romantic relationship with Sophie. Subsequently, this tells a lot about his mental condition. Furthermore, this is also a clue which suggests that not everything that we have seen in the film might have actually happened.

In regards to this, there is a popular fan theory as well. It suggests that Fleck’s mental condition makes him imagine a lot of things. And it is this condition that makes him end up in the hospital.

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