Kaiju No 8 Chapter 66 Release Date and Spoilers

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Kaiju No 8 Chapter 66.

About Kaiju No 8

Created by Naoya Matsumoto, the story of the series Kaiju No. 8 centers on the life of Kafka Hibino, a mere member of the clean up crew of the Japanese Defense Force tasked with killing monsters known as Kaiju.

He suddenly acquires the ability to transform into a monster himself, thus earning the name “Kaiju No. 8” which the Defense Force calls him. He is able to keep his consciousness undisturbed and in control while he transforms, but he also gains superhuman strength, thus becoming the first monster to escape the Defense Force.

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Recap of Kaiju No 8 Chapter 65

  • The chapter begins with news of Reno Ichikawa undergoing training as the first-ever compatible user of No. 6, spreading among the younger members of the defense force.
  • On hearing about this, Kafka protests that Reno can’t do that because it’s far too dangerous. Kikoru scolds him at this point and asks him if he still doesn’t get it, adding that Reno is a soldier too.

  • She tells him that it’s not the time for worrying and that they should focus on their next course of action. She vows to herself that if Reno is going to get stronger, she’ll just have to continue to surpass him.
  • Later, Kafka thinks about what Kikoru said and realizes Reno is indeed awesome, and getting more recognition due to his own efforts. He wonders if he can say the same for himself, and whether he has protected anyone with his own power.
  • He realizes that he’s not the one needed, but rather Kaiju No. 8. Just then, Hoshina appears and questions whether Kafka would be able to take Hoshina’s spot beside Captain Ashiro if he keeps moping around like that.
  • Kafka apologizes for having hidden his identity from Hoshina and the two of them playfully exchange some banter for a while. Then, Hoshina thanks Kafka for saving the third division.

  • Hoshina makes it a point to say that his thanks is for Kafka Hibino, not Kaiju No. 8.
  • He adds that he knows that if Kafka keeps transforming, he might not be able to return to human form and then he vows to defeat No. 9. After this, he tells Kafka he doesn’t need to transform anymore and that he can now live out his life as Kafka Hibino.
  • Kafka is aware that Hoshina is looking out for his best interest but he still counters that he can’t do that. Kafka tells Hoshina that he wants to be recognized through his own efforts too.
  • But his strength alone is not enough so, in order to protect everyone, he says that he is ready to turn into No. 8 and fight.
  • Hoshina realizes there’s no stopping Kafka as he looks very determined, so he instead asks Kafka to follow him as he will teach him how to fight.

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 66 Release Date

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 66 is set to be released on Thursday, July 7th, 2022.

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Kaiju No 8 Chapter 66 Spoilers

The official raw scans for Kaiju No 8 Chapter 66 have not been released. The raw scans usually arrive one or two days before the official release date. You can check back in here to see any updates on this!

However, we speculate that Chapter 66 will see Hoshina give Kafka intensive training to learn fighting. Whether or not Kafka’s transformations will hamper his ability to revert back to human form is something the fans will find out in this chapter as he undergoes training. It would also be interesting to see how the playful rivalry between Kafka and Reno plays out, since both of them want to work hard and help other people.

Where to Read Kaiju No 8 Online?

You can read the manga on sites such as Viz Media or Mangaplus. However, only the latest three chapters are available for free viewing while the rest can be unlocked only after paying a monthly subscription.

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