Kakegurui Writer Launches New Manga


Kakegurui is one of the most popular anime series at the moment, and for a good reason. The story of the anime/manga was completely original and novel. And now Homura Kawamoto, the author of Kakegurui’s manga, is publishing a new manga series.

Kawamoto and illustrator Tōru Naomura’s Kakegurui manga was launched in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine in 2014, with an English publication by Yen Press. Later, the manga had an anime adaptation that started in July 2017 in Japan; Netflix streamed the series outside of Japan in February 2018. The second season of the anime show ran in January 2019, which came to Netflix on June 2019.

The series also received a live-action show, which was 10 episodes long. It started premiering in January 2018 in Japan, which is now available internationally. A live-action film also premiered in May 2019, following the second season of the show that premiered in March 2019.

What We Know About The New Manga


Tokuma Shoten‘s Comic Zenon magazine’s November issue revealed that writer Homura Kawamoto is going to start a new manga by the name Majo Taisen (The War of Witches). He will be working on the manga alongside artist Makoto Shiozuka in the next issue of the magazine, which will launch on October 24.

The magazine also revealed that the plot is centred around 32 historical women – Tomoe Gozen, Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, and Cleopatra among some of them. The manga considers the characters as “greedy witches“; the reason being that they kill each other in order to accomplish their goals. We can expect an all-female battle royale.

Here’s a preview of what we can expect in terms of the art style in the new manga:

Kawamoto also launched the Legal Egg manga. He is working alongside Yasoko Momen in Kodansha’s Evening magazine on April 14.

Sources: Comic Zenon November issue and Twitter account.

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