Kamikaze Douga Works with Polkadot Stingray’s New Single


Polkadot Stingray released a new single yesterday called “Keshin“, which translates to Incarnation in English.

Anime Collab

The video has a good number of views, and the video is not only viewed by fans of the band but also by fans of the company who worked on it. Kamikaze Douga, the famous company that is involved in multiple anime works, has done the anime part for the Keshin video.

Kamikaze Douga in a new field?

Kamikaze Douga is best known for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series from 2012 and has the anime world’s admiration and respect. The Keshin video contains both an anime part and a live-action side to it. The live-action part was directed by Takuya Kurahashi, who has worked with the band before on several videos.


Polkadot Stingray

For the unknown, Polkadot Stingray is a four-membered rock band from Fukuoka, Japan. They are signed under Universal Sigma and have been active since 2015.

Polkadot’s members are Shizuku (guitar and vocals), Harushi Ejima (guitar), Yuki Uemura (bass), and Kazuma Mitsuyasu (drums). One other former member of the band is Muro (guitarist), who was replaced by Harushi Ejima.

Second Collab

This is the band’s second collaboration with Kamikaze as they have already worked together for NHK’s five-minute music program called “Minna no Uta” for the song “Togemeku Spica” (A Stinging Spica).


When asked the band’s vocalist and guitarist about the song, she says, “How can we make live-action and animation exist in the same worldline? We worked together as a team to make this music video with all our strength through trial and error. We did our best with our usual director, Kurahashi-san, on the live-action part, but Kamikaze Douga was still overwhelming even so. In the end, all I could say was ‘Wow!…’ It’s a work to show the world who Polka is by becoming an incarnation of creativeness!

Streaming Now

The song has been available on Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube since November 8, 2020. The song already has 105k views, and the anime fans of Kamikaze Douga are getting to experience a fantastic band for the first time so, the views are about to shoot up.

Keshin will be a part of the band’s third album, “Nanimono” (What Kind of Person), which is scheduled to be released on December 16, 2020.

The band has already gone on two worldwide tours, and if the pandemic is not a problem anymore, the band might make its next tour after the album is released.




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