Kevin Feige Confirmed This Theory about WandaVision and Multiverse of Madness

One thing about Marvel’s movie is that they plan everything ahead, and their movies or series or whatever has a perfect flow to it.

Not the Schedule intended

Now since this pandemic decided to disrupt all of our lives, we have to get used to this new world order where, when nature strikes, we are still helpless. Marvel also had plans and had to put on hold.

Marvel initially wanted Black Widow followed by Eternals to open its Phase 4 sequence. Even in the series front, it wanted The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to drop first, but unfortunately, everything got shuffled due to the pandemic. Most of the series didn’t finish shooting or its post-production work yet. So, the only series that had finished shooting and is ready to stream is WandaVision making it the first one in Phase 4.

Promotion Begins


Entertainment Weekly did an interview with the cast of WandaVision and had some juicy info on the series. WandaVision has not only started their promotion; it is also set to release in December. So, you will be bombarded with a lot of WandaVision news, so bear with us.

According to so many sources before today, we heard that WandaVision would directly pave the way for Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. But, today, we have listened to that from the horse’s mouth. Kevin Feige, in his interview with Entertainment Weekly, confirmed that.

Doctor Strange crossover

That means we might know what role Wanda will play in the movie. According to some theories, fans suggest that Wanda will lose her grip on reality and start messing up the reality and messing with the delicate balance of the Multiverse‘s functioning. Due to which the villains from other realms and multiverses jump through the current timeline disturbing the people and thus making more trouble for Doctor Strange.

Is there a chance?

If that’s the case, then there is a chance that we might see a glimpse of Doctor Strange in the series too. But with Marvel, there is no telling anything. But if this was true then, there is a chance that Wanda’s play with her powers might be the reason how Electro comes into Holland’s version of Spider-Man, thus making it possible that live-action Spider-Verse is not a far-fetching idea.

Whatever it is, we will know that by the end of WandaVision. If Wanda starts to experience the power within her and starts to unleash, everyone, including Thanos, knows that all hell will break loose.

WandaVision is now our only ounce of hope left, and with that, we shall adjust and spin different theories until phase 4 is over, then we shall jump to Phase 5.


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