Kevin Feige Explains Why Captain Marvel Didn’t Have a Love Interest

There hasn’t been a movie which has generated as much hype. So many fan theories and possible spoilers are lying around all over the proximity of the internet. Among all those rising speculations, one thing we all are curious about is Captain Marvel’s role in the Endgame.

Parallels are being drawn to Antman who was similarly introduced just before the Civil War and we all thought how big a role he’s going to play in it? Turned out he had no more than an extended cameo. So if history repeats itself, will the fans be satisfied? That’s the biggest question! After all, we as an audience aren’t quite attached to Carol Denvers emotionally.

There are not many who will root for her since the character hasn’t been given time to develop. Practically amongst all the interviews going on with the creators, it seems unlikely Captain Marvel would only be restricted to a short appearance and we might get to see her leading the pack which might be a bit annoying for a large community of the Marvel fans who are already vouching for their heroes i.e. Tony Stark, Thor, and Black Widow. They are the original Avengers and fans want to see more of them, can’t argue with that, can we?

There is no denying the fact that Captain Marvel is no Antman, she will obviously have a pivotal role to play in the Endgame which will be a swansong of many memorable MCU characters.

We can’t expect that all of a sudden Captain Marvel will heroically save the day for the Avengers and turn out to be the MVP. This is probably the most awaited film of the decade, they can’t afford a half cooked plot like that and after all, it’s Marvel.

They have time and again proved to us that they believe in content. So will we be looking Black Panther-Civil War sized role for her or we will be getting Antman-Civil War? Only time will tell.

If we go according to the comics, Captain Marvel is much stronger than Hulk, Thor and many other upper tiers Avengers. It remains to be seen will the makers do justice to her in the next installment. But if the titular movie was any indication, MCU seems keen on making her a lynchpin in the finale. There’s another scene between her and thunder-lord Thor which has taken the internet by storm.

So it is a possible indication that there’s some bit of romance in the finale of the franchise.

If we go by the comics she has had several romances but there wasn’t any room for it in Captain Marvel says Kevin Feige. Explaining they had to “develop the character “ before endgame hits the theatre. Though our leading lady i.e. Brie Larson has been tightly lipped about revealing anything related to her character or her role in the film.

Unlike others, she has simply avoided any questions regarding the much awaited film. The makers revealed in a recent interview with the Telegraph, that there will be a few surprising elements in the finale that no one will expect. We shouldn’t be surprised if it’s somewhat related to Captain Marvel because no matter you hate her or love her, you simply can’t ignore her.

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