Kevin Feige Reveals X-Men To Become A Part Of MCU Soon

Let me tell you, for the hundredth time, 2021 is the best year to be a Marvel fan. With just one day left for WandaVision to premiere, every fan’s excitement level is beyond the roof.

Deadpool and the mutants

But it’s not like that’s the only thing that will keep us excited. Well, in 2019, something incredible happened, and its name is the Fox and Disney Merger. Ever since fans have been asking non-stop about nothing but this.

Well, wondered what?  It’s simple, “When are the mutants coming into the MCU?” this question, even though it might happen anytime, we never knew when it would happen.

There were so many rumors that even Deadpool will appear in Endgame. But we know it was too soon. But guess what it’s not a rumor anymore as Kevin Feige said that Deadpool 3 would become a part of the MCU setting.


Is Wanda Maximof the key to the opening of Marvel Phase 4

But that’s not why we here today. Ever since we saw Disney release the book about Marvel facts and stuff, we knew from Shuri’s notes that Wanda and Pietro were mutants and that the Mind stone only awakened their dormant powers.

So, with that, we knew the word mutant would come into play very soon, thus bringing in the X-Men and others into the MCU setting. So, we can expect the word to come into play with WandaVision releasing just one day from now. But that’s not it.

From the Horse’s Mouth

When asked when the X-Men will be introduced into the future projects within the MCU, Kevin Feige had an answer that is sure to brighten our day. Nah, week!

“It has been heavily discussed, as you might imagine. And we have a good feeling of where it’s going and when it’s going, but that all remains to be seen.”

With this, we know they already have a plan on when it’s going into the MCU and how it will be done. Oh, to be a Bee in that wall!

Avengers 5

Feige telling Avengers 5 is a possibility in the future, and with the new generation of Avengers being introduced in Phase 4, we have a clue who might be in the movie if it happens.

But our over-excited selves can’t wait that long, so they better introduce them soon to the MCU. Wow, think about how powerful the Earth will be when Wanda Maximoff and Jean Grey stands as it’s defenders.

Does someone know how to become a part of Marvel’s filming crew?





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