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Michael B Jordan Confirms Return to Black Panther Franchise?


Even though we want it to be true so badly, it’s just a rumor as of now, but Michael B Jordan is doing a lot to keep himself related to the Black Panther franchise.

Confidential Agreement

Marvel has always kept even a small subplot or even a poster of a series or a movie as a secret. There is no telling what is going on with them until it is out, and some people do manage to let things out.


Anyone who gives out crucial information is fired immediately, like the recent one of the Spanish voice actors. So, the actors who are in these franchises are very tight-lipped about this stuff.

But, give it to our fans and press to make sure these actors are put in a position where they cannot escape. We love seeing them dodge it—particularly Holland and Ruffalo.

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther.

More Star Power

With Black Panther 2 set to start filming soon and another series of Wakanda in production, it is natural that Black Panther will be getting some limelight.

With the worldwide success of the first Black Panther movie, it is a given that Ryan Coogler does everything he can to deliver. With the death of the franchise’s main lead Chadwick Boseman, it is natural for the director to bring in more star power to fill his gap.

While it is said that Shuri will take over the mantle, there are chances that they might bring Michael B Jordan’s Killmonger back.


At the end of the movie, we see Chadwick’s T’Challa stab, Killmonger. But T’Challa is not ready to leave his cousin to die and says that maybe he could still be saved.

Kill Monger refuses as he would rather die than going to prison. Now, many think after he is unconscious, T’Challa takes him to Shuri to get him healed. If that’s true, then Michael B Jordan will be back.

As expected, everyone wants to know what the actor has to say about it, and he has been answering these questions for some time; now and with his recent answers, there are chances that he might come back.

When asked about his return to the Good Morning America show, he dodges at first, saying that he can’t tell too much on that one and then later reveals that if he had the opportunity to get back into the franchise, then he definitely would.

Now, this might be just him letting Marvel know he is available, or maybe he has already signed the contract and just teasing fans until Marvel announces sit officially.

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