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Kingdom Chapter 700 Release Date And Expectations

Following the intense confrontation from Chapter 699, Kanki goes on to attack Sei and place the weight of this warfare on Sei as the King of Qin and as the one who initiated the invasion. Sei is also bent on highlighting the fact that while he knows the inevitability of bloodshed in war, the scale of what Kanki did was too much and would have dire consequences. And as the King who bears the responsibility of starting this war, Sei feels the need to keep Kanki in check. In the end, the outcome of this confrontation was something fans had also expected. Now, onto Kingdom Chapter 700, we wonder what’s in store. Read on to find out the details.

Kingdom Chapter 700 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 700 is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 21st, 2021.

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 699

Continuing from the previous chapter, Kanki continues his accusation against Sei, saying that the brunt of this war falls on Sei. He was the one who initiated this invasion and so, the one responsible for this massacre is Sei, not Kanki, according to Kanki’s reasoning.

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Sei replies that since he’s the one who started this war, responsibilities do fall on him to keep Kanki’s barbarity in check. He further says that he won’t allow Kanki to follow a similar path as Haku Ki who was one of the six great generals who buried 400,000 prisoners alive.

This Chouhei Tragedy created massive shock throughout China and resentment in the people of Zhao, which Sei still remembers from his childhood. Sei knows that blood will be shed in war but firmly states that a tragedy of this height will make the country incredibly difficult to rule.

Kanki counters Sei’s argument and questions how Sei could possibly think that after invading and annihilating a foreign land, he could easily unify them under his rule. But Sei is adamant in his conviction and responds ‘Absolutely’ to Kanki’s questioning. Kanki gives a dose of reality as he implies that Sei’s belief that he’ll put a stop to warfare after unifying the states is delusional as the people would definitely do otherwise.

When Kanki scathingly comments that Sei places too much faith in people, Sei asks what the harm is in doing so. And as he begins to say that it is better than falling into despair, he halts mid sentence and stops speaking.

Perhaps Sei notices here something in Kanki’s look that explains why he’s so fixated on not trusting people. Maybe something to do with his past?

Sei ends up saying that he won’t do anything to Kanki now and allows him to retain his position as one of the six greats but tells him off with a warning so he won’t repeat such a brutal mess in the future. One factor is Maron’s reasoning but more than this, as we’d also assumed, Sei says that Kanki’s defeat over the Kochou army is an incredible feat, thus warranting him to be let off the hook.

At the end of the chapter, as Sei sits by himself frustratedly clutching his head in his hands, among a morbid sea of dead prisoners’ skulls, Shin appears by his side.

What are Some Expectations for Kingdom Chapter 700? 

Since the end of the previous chapter showed a sort of reunion between Shin and Sei, we can expect a conversation to happen between the two. We wonder what Shin’s reaction would be to Kanki not receiving punishment for the massacre.

Sei is pragmatic about his decision making and knows when to put his ideology aside because he knows he needs Kanki. But Shin isn’t that way and to learn that Kanki was let off the hook just like that, could provoke a reaction out of him.

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 700 online? 

There are no legal sources to read the series from. You can access it here.

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