Kingdom Chapter 701 Release Date And Expectations

Here’s what you need to know about Kingdom Chapter 701. The reunion between Sei and Shin led to some meaningful conversation between the duo. Also, after the previous chapter ended on a cliffhanger with the sight of impending danger lurking ahead, fans are dying to know what happens next.

Kingdom Chapter 701 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 701 is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 28th, 2021. 

Recap of Kingdom Chapter 700

The chapter begins by Shin telling Sei they should go somewhere less depressing and Sei agrees. Shin then talks about how much effort the Hi Shin unit put in to get through Eikyuu and reach Kochou’s headquarters. And the two talk about Kanki and how brilliant he is but at the same time, deranged. Shin apologizes for not having stopped the massacre but Sei stops him, saying he knew Shin’s group got intentionally separated from Kanki’s. 

Kingdom Chapter 701

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Shin says that if there’s anyone who can stop Kanki, it’s Sei. But Sei replies that even though he came all the way there, he let Kanki go with only a warning for now so he won’t be too rash. But more importantly, Sei tells Shin that Kanki isn’t his biggest concern at the moment. Sei is more worried about the aftermath of such a bloody massacre and the impending wrath of the Zhao people. 

Shin encourages Sei to not worry, however, as this is nothing new and they’d always known the battles ahead would get more difficult as time went on. Shin tells Sei they’ll overcome the obstacles, as they always have. It is here that Sei says Shin is truly strong and thinks to himself that it’s a huge relief to have Shin by his side. 

The duo talk about their plan to take over Heiyou and Bujou. Then, after getting hold of those two cities, Shin says that they will go further north and take over Zhao’s royal capital, Kantan. Sei recounts his past sixteen years ago when Shika’s sacrifice had helped him escape. 

Sei says that it’s all thanks too to Shin and his soldiers but Shin doesn’t want Sei to act modest as he replies that Sei had plenty of hand in their success. The two talk about how now, they only have to get through those two cities and then the capital of Zhao before the state of Zhao finally falls. 

Kingdom Chapter 701

Meanwhile, Naki shows up wanting to meet Kanki. Naki says that Kanki and his men went too far, even if it was for revenge. Maron says that it had more to do with Kanki’s true nature. But the others also do admit that Radio’s death played a major part too. 

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Sei stays on the frontlines for some time and thanks the soldiers for their hard work and dedication. He also leaves thirty thousand soldiers as reinforcements for the Kanki army and the Gyoku Hou and heads back to Kanyou with only a small army. 

On the other side, meanwhile, the devastation of the Zhao people is leading to something big looming overhead. This new threat comes in the form of a highly formidable dangerous man who would create much obstacle in carrying out Qin’s plans.

Kingdom Chapter 701

What Are Some Expectations for Kingdom Chapter 701? 

In the next episode, we can expect to see the return of Riboku and how he’ll contribute to turning things around for Zhao. Fans are also hyped to see how things will play out between him and Kanki and the inevitable clash that’s bound to take place.

Where to Read Kingdom Online? 

There are no legal sources to read the series from. You can access it here.

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