Kingdom Chapter 705: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks and Other Details

Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4

According to the series’ usual schedule, Chapter 705 was supposed to be out on Sunday, January 2, 2022. However, the manga is on a one week break due to the New Year’s holiday. Also, since Young Jump released a double issue previously, a new chapter was not released on the expected date. 

To find out the new release date and latest leaks of Kingdom Chapter 705, head down below. We have some major exciting spoilers to share with you! 

About the Manga and Plot

The manga follows the experiences of war orphan Shin, in this story of a fictionalized narrative of the Warring States period. The plot focuses on Shin and his comrades as he tries his best to become the greatest general and unify China for the first time in 500 years. 

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Recap of Kingdom Chapter 704

  • Riboku returns to Kantan after inspecting Gian. He immediately sends envoys to Seika, Shibashou’s abode and Roumou, which is a castle close to Qin’s eastern border. 
  • Two generals then set out from Seika after receiving Riboku’s message and arrive at Roumou. They are welcomed by the Lord of Roumou who gladly permits them to assume control of the castle’s army, an instruction given by Riboku. 

Kingdom Chapter 704

  • They discuss the possibility of the next battle taking place in Roumou and plan to bolster Roumou’s military in complete secrecy, as they are way ahead of the Qin forces in their battle preparation strategy.
  • The first sign of commotion happens near Heiyou and Bujou castle when the Yotanwa army arrives to hold down the two forts. 
  • Shin and party find out that General Heki is also going to join the fight with them as General Ousen has summoned him. Heki plans to rally ten thousand of his men for the battle. 
  • Lady Tanwa warns Shin to be careful since Riboku will be involved in this fight and he is not an enemy to be underestimated at all. 
  • Then, as the main Kanki army heads out, they follow suit. At the same time, the Ousen and Gaku Ka armies head out for the battle too. 
  • The first target of this joint Ousen and Kanki armies is Atsuyo, a city in the north-west of Zhao’s capital. 

Kingdom Chapter 704

  • Their move to head North of Kantan is just as Riboku had predicted. After hearing that the Qin forces are on the move, Riboku orders his men to head out too. 
  • Just then, the King of Zhao arrives at the scene. The air is tense as the king intentionally provokes Riboku, knowing Riboku is not fond of him and that he previously endorsed the king’s brother for the throne instead of him. 
  • However, Riboku is an important person to ensure that he continues to enjoy the ultimate pleasures of being a king. So he tells Riboku and his men to use whatever or whoever they see fit, be it soldiers from Kantan or otherwise to win the battle ahead. 
  • When the king asks if Riboku has a plan for the battle, Riboku replies that he has a very solid plan to split the Ousen and Kanki armies at Atsuyo.

Kingdom Chapter 704

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Leaks and Spoilers of Kingdom Chapter 705 

Major spoilers have been revealed about what’s going to happen in Kingdom Chapter 705! 

  • The chapter begins with the Kanki leaders enjoying the food cooked by Ma Ron while watching the Ousen army capture the castle ahead of them. 
  • The Hi Shin Unit is also told to lie low but Shin is baffled that only the Ousen army is working.  
  • Ousen orders the Kanki army, the Hi Shin Unit, Gakuka and the Heki army to protect them from outsiders while they attack Atsuyo. 
  • En-san asks Ten’s opinion on this strategy. And Shin wonders if it’s alright to not make use of the unified army they have in their reach. 
  • Ten thinks that Ousen is probably doing this to prevent casualties. When En-san asks if they’re going to head far north, Ten replies affirmatively, saying that Kantan will send proper reinforcements this time and that it’s sure to be a fierce battle. 
  • Shin is still questioning Ousen’s strategy for this battle and also wonders why Ousen didn’t send the Kanki army to take the castle if he’s being super cautious. Ten replies that Ousen probably feels the most confident in his own army as siege battles are his speciality. 
  • The Kanki army will not be as skilled in taking over the castle and will thus lead to many casualties. Ten believes that Ousen’s strategy is to prevent as much casualty as possible. 
  • Denrimi tells his 6th and 7th units to climb the south wall. As the Hi Shin Unit is keeping watch, they’re surprised at the number of soldiers climbing up. When Denrimi’s soldiers reach the top and attack the Zhao soldiers standing guard, they try to use this moment to push forward. 
  • However, the Zhao soldiers jump off, taking the Qin soldiers down with them.
  • The complete dedication of the Zhao soldiers to defend the castle even if it meant dying, makes Denrimi conclude that these soldiers are those who previously lost their family members to Kanki. 
  • The Denrimi army remains unsuccessful in gaining a foothold on the walls and the Ousen army will completely face the Zhao soldiers’ personal motivations for vengeance and the consequences of Kanki’s actions. 

Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 705 

Kingdom Chapter 705 is scheduled to release on Sunday, January 9th, 2022.

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 705? 

You can read Kingdom Chapter 705 here


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