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Which All Places Did Lady Loki Send The Reset Charges?

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Lady Loki reset charges:  Loki episode 2 introduces Lady Loki into the cinematic universe. The episode ends with her successfully creating the Multiverse of Madness and paves the way for Doctor Strange 2.

The new MCU had already implemented the concept of time travel back in Avengers: Endgame. However, the Loki series has embraced it in a more elaborate manner to show how time works in the MCU.

Setting up the chaotic Multiverse of Madness ahead of Doctor Strange 2, the Time Variance Authority (TVA) is introduced. Lady Loki created a number of new connections in the timeline. While TVA thought that she had only set about six reset charges, they assumed wrong.

Therefore, when TVA responded to her attack on the Sacred Timeline, most of it could not be reset. The majority of Lady Loki’s reset charges are targeted on Earth.

Locations Where Lady Loki Reset Charges

The majority of Lady Loki’s reset charges are targeted on Earth, particularly focused on the twentieth century. Apart from this, she also targets a number of extraterrestrial locations. Check all these places out.

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